What does a hot stone massage do and how hot stone massage is better than a normal massage

Hot Stone Massage Tukwila WA

Smooth, heated stones are used during a Hot Stone Massage in Tukwila WA to create a soothing and healing environment. In order to ease stress and encourage relaxation, a hot stone massage involves the therapist placing warm stones on certain body parts, including the back, legs, and arms.

Use of hot stones

The majority of the time, basalt, a kind of volcanic rock that maintains heat effectively, is used to make the stones for a hot stone massage. To be applied to the body, the stones must first be heated in a specific heater. The stones may also be used by the massage therapist as pressure points and manipulative tools for the muscles.

What precisely does a hot stone massage accomplish, and how is it superior to a regular massage? Let’s look more closely.

Hot stone massage benefits

Among many types of massages, hot stone massage is an excellent massage that offers a variety of benefits which we are going to discuss. 

  • Muscle tension relief:

 The heat from the stones aids in warming the muscles, which makes them more malleable and manageable. The muscles’ tenseness and stiffness may be relieved in this way. Soreness of the muscles doesn’t necessarily cause by harsh physical activity. They can be caused by sedentary jobs. So, if you are doing a sedentary job and often suffer from muscle knots then this massage is perfect for you. 

  • Stress and anxiety reduction: 

The calming warmth of the stones can aid in relaxing and stress and anxiety reduction. The warmth of stones penetrates the deepest layer of the skin creating a soothing effect that helps with stress and anxiety relief. 

  • Enhances circulation: 

The stones’ heat can also aid in boosting blood flow and circulation, which can aid in the promotion of healing and the reduction of inflammation. Moreover, the increase in blood flow also increases the oxygen-carrying capacity that helps the aerobic respiration of muscles.

  • Reduces discomfort: 

Conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and persistent back pain can all be significantly reduced by hot stone massage. Women suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis can have significant pain relief by having a hot stone massage. 

  • Enhances sleep: 

Because of the soothing and relaxing benefits of hot stone massage, many people report that it improves their quality of sleep. For insomniac patients, this massage can be of great help. 

Why Hot Stone Massage is superior to a regular massage

  • Enhanced relaxation: 

More so than a typical massage, the warmth of the stones can aid in promoting deeper relaxation. This massage could help a great deal for those who are suffering from anxiety and depression. It helps the release of happy hormones in the body and helps decrease stress hormones. 

  • More efficient muscular relaxation: 

Heat from the stones can relieve muscles more deeply than a typical massage since they are heated. Anyone with persistent discomfort or tension in there might benefit greatly from this.

  • Increased circulation: 

The stones’ heat can aid in increasing blood flow and circulation, which can encourage healing and lessen inflammation. As discussed before, it improves the oxygenation of blood which helps the healing after the injury or surgery.

  • More individualized care: 

Each client’s demands may be met with a hot stone massage. The therapist may alter the temperature of the stones and the intensity of the massage to provide each patient with a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to match their individual needs.

  • Effects that stay longer: 

The effects of a hot stone massage may continue longer than those of a regular massage since the heat from the stones helps to induce deeper relaxation and muscular relief.

  • Improved spa experience: 

A hot stone massage may be a lavish and decadent spa treatment. The peaceful music and lighting, along with the warmth of the stones, can assist to create a quiet and restful atmosphere that fosters general well-being.


For those seeking a truly soothing and healing spa experience, a hot stone massage is a fantastic choice. Hot and stone massage offers a variety of benefits including, stress relief, improved blood flow, improved immunity, muscle relaxation, and many others.  Also, it provides a more luxurious and individualized spa experience than a typical massage. Get a hot stone massage if you want to treat yourself to a particular spa experience. For you to enjoy all the benefits of hot stone massage, blue lotus spa is offering its great massage services. So, book your appointment today.


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