Top 5 Android Strategy Games in 2023

As you go through the finest strategy games on Android, you’ll see some excellent ports of top-tier PC titles. They also work nicely on a tiny screen. There’s a reason for this, and it usually boils down to two things: Interface and controls. The user interface, or UI, youtube to mp3 is at the heart of most strategy games’ experiences – the genre is associated with intricate menus.
Nevertheless, by rotating these things to utilize the mobile touchscreen and controls, planning and navigating may seem much more natural.


Just 20 years ago, the thought of playing a strategic game on your phone would have looked absurd. Even in the early days of the smartphone era, phones lacked the processing power and pixel density to handle the intricacy that the top strategy games offer to the tablet.

But what makes the Android strategy arena intriguing is the sheer diversity on offer. There are a plethora of genre hybrids to provide an additional dose of excitement and immediacy to this extremely intellectual style of a game. Now, click the large blue button on the right and go through the list!

XCOM: Enemy Within

Base-builder, international diplomat, and tactical battler all rolled into one. XCOM has it everything, and this new edition includes psychic abilities, wacky mech outfits, and a ton more material. In other words, it’s outstanding! The plot is perhaps clichéd, as you lead the resistance after the world is assaulted by extraterrestrial invaders. Yet, the tactical aspect, both on the global map and on the battlefield, is so skillfully executed that it’s simple to be drawn into the universe and experience the reality of war, where you’ll have to willfully sacrifice someone for the larger objective.

If you like tactical puzzles and the like, the whole XCOM series features meaty action and more than enough planning to earn a position on our list of the top strategy games for Android. This one is definitely worth a chance!

Banner Saga 2

This lovely Norse fantasy, like its predecessor, throws you into tactical turn-based combat, but it also forces you to make difficult choices regarding the composition of your traveling company and whether to interfere in critical events. The plot follows on from the previous installment of the tale, so there are no major surprises. You may even copy the save and progress from the previous one and continue from there. Your narrative choices will have an effect on the planet, and the combat grid remains the same.

Its amazing gameplay and deep story are only surpassed by its beautiful visuals and extensive strategy. All of these factors combine to make it a title worth checking out (and a re-play afterward).

Crying Suns

There is no Android version of FTL yet, but Crying Suns is perhaps the greatest replacement. This tactical rogue-lite includes the classic’s star maps and event mechanics, but with an engaging plot and enthralling flight-squadron warfare. It includes a procedurally created world with a lot of plot events, and it was influenced by Dune and Battlestar Galactica, according to the makers.

Crying Suns’ story, set in space, isn’t precisely out of this world. Nonetheless, its playability and grand strategy are more than enough to earn it a place on our list. It is a premium Android strategy game that sci-fi aficionados should not overlook.

Iron Marines

The creator of the legendary Kingdom Rush series demonstrates that it can accomplish both conventional RTS and tower defense. Iron Marines is perfectly balanced, beautiful to look at, and overall rather unique. You’ll use Napalm Rockets, Defense Drones, and a few infantry such as space marines or a sniper to defend against the alien hordes. There is no one-size-fits-all method here; you’ll have to adjust your strategy to the current level based on the adversaries you’ll be fighting, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new strategies.

Please don’t be fooled by the adorable cartoonish visuals into thinking it’s a shallow game. In reality, the reverse is true. You will confront phases that you may not be able to identify until you really consider (and re-consider) your plan. Yeah, and it’s down!

The Escapists 2

This pixel-perfect game is about tactics as much as it is about escape from jail. Indeed, you read it correctly. You’ll have to use all of your intellectual muscles to figure out how to evade guards (or just beat them up!) and escape the jail. You may disguise yourself as guards, dig, and plot in order to get the necessary goods for your escape. There is no limit to your imagination in terms of what you can and will do to achieve loving freedom.

You may construct, plot, and plan ahead as much as you want in order to carry out your strategy successfully. Even in 2023, it’s one of the greatest mobile strategy games you can play! It’s worth noting that this is a premium title, so you’ll have to shell out some cash to play it.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a strategy, roguelike, and tactics game that combines all of the characteristics of FTL: Faster Than Light with a strict unit management system. You’ll be in charge of a group of heroes that you may level up between islands, but once they die, they’re gone, so you’ll have to focus and specialize as you island-hop to dodge invasion. Bad North Jotunn Edition exudes flair, with attractive, minimalist levels that are produced procedurally each time. You’ll defend these islands by moving your forces from tile to tile and then watching as they struggle to protect the area dynamically.

Yet it’s all quite ingenious; each unit operates and responds separately, even if you move the squad as a whole. Along with it, there’s a small variation on the typical rock-paper-scissors of spear, sword, and bow fighting, just enough to keep things interesting. Particularly when new adversaries are released that need a little more forethought and thinking outside the box. Nothing beats outwitting a whole enemy fleet and carefully placing yourself so that not a single opponent gets it up to the huts you’re guarding.

As the previously mentioned FTL: Faster Than Light, Drift Hunters, Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a must-have strategy game for Android, an investment that I doubt anybody regrets.


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