Dying Light 2: 10 Hardest Achievements


For these, you’ll have to kill a lot of zombies. One of the best things about Dying Light 2 is that a lot of the trophies are directly related to how you play. This makes it easy to feel like you’ve done something in the game and gets them out of the way. But like any good video game, there are also a few achievements that are harder to get or that you might miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you’ve been playing the series for a long time, it might help you get some of the harder trophies, which are tied to time, require a lot of XP, or just require you to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Even if you are new to Dying Light, you shouldn’t worry because there is still a chance you can become a platinum hunter.


Ultramarathon in Dying Light 2

Even though this isn’t the hardest achievement, it may be hard to get at first if you’re not doing all the side quests or just running around for fun. For this achievement to be unlocked, you must run at least 960 km. This isn’t something you can get just by playing the game normally, so it’s a little harder to get than some of the other things you get just by playing.

Ultramarathon? That’s one way to say it, since 960 km is 596 miles and a typical marathon is 26 miles.

Man On A Mission

Who would have thought that love would be a part of Dying Light 2? Even if there are zombies everywhere, everyone still needs someone. You have to finish the side quest “The Matchmaker” before you can get this achievement. Again, this one may take a little bit of time and be a bit annoying to do. You will be in the dating program once you meet the person who made Sparker and get your real Sparker card. Wait for three dates, which will force you to talk to a lot of different people.

Dating in Dying Light 2 can be just as hard as dating in real life. It might take a while to find the right person, but that trophy, er, love will be worth it in the end.

Terminal Headache

Who wouldn’t have a headache for the rest of their lives after getting this trophy? Get 50 kills with a headshot to open. First things first: you have to be able to use arcs before you can try to get this achievement. Once you have one, finding a building during the day when the infected are sleeping is the easiest way to get the trophy. You may be able to guess where this is going. Since they are weaker, it shouldn’t take too many shots to kill them, and it shouldn’t take too long.

But if you like to grind in games, this one will be harder because you usually have to take your time to line up the shot and get it just right at the right time.

Revenants Trophy

When you unlock free-roam, you can still find all of the Points of Interest Collectibles even after the story is over. Basically, you need to find and kill all GRE anomalies, which are stronger than normal infected and only come out at night. Taking down the right ones can be hard if you don’t know what you’re looking for at first.

Traveling to a camp during the day and “sleeping” to move forward at night is recommended. Then go crazy about the GRE oddity.

Get The Point?

A trophy with a clever name, to say the least. You’ll need to find a spear, or “point,” and use it to kill an enemy in one hit. The hardest part is finding a spear, which is a special weapon that can only be found in cities. Also, you can’t store it and you can’t buy it, so if you want to get this achievement, you’ll have to actively look for it.

At night, when a green light appears around the bodies of enemies, it may be easier to find these weapons because it will show you where the spears are.

Boot Licker

The only way to get this trophy is to pay close attention at the beginning of the game when facilities and districts are given to factions. This is because to get this trophy, you have to give seven of the facilities to the same faction. This is one of the most important things to know because there aren’t enough facilities for both factions to reach City Alignment 7.

If you know this early on in the game, it will be easier to do than if you wait until the end, when it’s almost impossible.

Combat Master

As you probably already know, you can use XP to buy a total of 24 skills in Dying Light 2. Most of your XP will come from completing the main story and side quests, but you probably won’t have enough to buy all the skills by the time you’re done.

Because of this, you will have to do random encounters in free-roam to earn the XP you need to unlock all skills and get the Combat Master trophy.


As you play the game, you’ll be able to find audio files in the different places you go. Most of these, though, are hard to find because some of the places you are become inaccessible as the story goes on. If you didn’t get them the first time through the game, you’ll have to either join someone else’s Co-Op session or start the game over and do it again, which seems like a lot more work.

To get this achievement, you need to collect a total of 63 audio files.

Fit As A Fiddle And Trophy Ironheart

These two trophies go together, and since they play off each other, they are almost the same thing. It’s needed to max out your health and stamina upgrades, but you can’t collect enough inhibitors to max out both, since it takes 81 inhibitors to max out one stat. To do this without adding hours to your time spent hunting achievements, you could make a backup save once you get the first trophy, then copy back your save to get both trophies in one playthrough.

It’s also important to note that there are seven inhibitors that can only be found once, so they are “missable.”


In Dying Light 2, you can start getting trophies as soon as the prologue. To get this highly sought-after trophy, you have to collect all of the Prologue Collectible Notes, which are also called mementos, as well as all of the other mementos in Happy Wheels game. These are very “missable” because if you don’t get all the mementos in the prologue, there’s no way to go back and look for them.

This area can’t be played again in Co-Op and can’t be reached in free-roam either.


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