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hybrid event

We’ve concluded that post-pandemic events no longer perfectly satisfy your attendees’ needs and the objectives your business set out to accomplish. You are now seeking alternatives to successfully organize events. Which option should you use if attending events in person is no longer sufficient to leverage them for significant returns? Hybrid events are the solution.

Similar to live events, you probably wouldn’t pick a location without first ensuring that it fulfills your needs. In this situation, you must examine the features of the available hybrid events platforms to see if they can produce the event you require. You will discover the key benefits that hybrid event service providers provide in this webinar. By combining an in-person event with a virtual event, you can conduct a successful event by working with a professional hybrid event service provider.

Top features of hybrid event platform

Automation features

Every event planner must have automation features. why? This is due to the fact that the hybrid conference is all about how simple it is to meet and plan. Because it allows planners to save time and money, automation is crucial. Automation is all you want if you want to quickly build a hybrid event. In light of this, you want to select a virtual event platform that provides a number of automation options. You should have alternatives for quickly plugging in the data that appears on your virtual platform in real-time with hybrid show streaming software. Additionally, they ought to provide a specialized support crew for harder tasks like setting up integrations.

Content delivery

You can benefit from hybridization by live streaming your event and recording your presenters and sessions. Because of this, you have the chance to provide this content to attendees who were unable to attend a particular session or who wish to see it again a few days or even weeks after the event. You should therefore be prepared in case a live streaming audience requests that you replay a session. This functionality is used by the majority of hybrid event platforms to distribute their content to several audiences.

Engagement features

You should be able to interact with your participants during the hybrid conference in terms of networking and engagement, just like you can at in-person events. It is essential to maintain their interest throughout your hybrid activities. The hybrid events platform you select ought to have digital capabilities that capture the audience’s interest and improve audience involvement.

  • Live chat

Any hybrid event must offer live chat as a feature. All speakers and participants can communicate with one another thanks to this capability. Individuals can communicate with the speaker in real-time thanks to specific features like live audio and video possibilities.

  • Live polls

One such feature that increases audience participation is live polling. A hybrid event unquestionably becomes much more immersive when interactive elements like live polling are incorporated. People are able to vote based on their personal experiences. It not only presents the viewpoint of the audience but also motivates them to take part in the event.

  • Q&A session

The majority of hybrid meeting solutions include Q&A sessions to boost audience participation. Q&A sessions are held by event planners to engage the audience in a live discussion. In a hybrid event, Q&A sessions should be scheduled at regular intervals to allow attendees to come forward with questions and receive the right answers.

Integrated monitoring

To evaluate the success or return on investment of your hybrid event and make future adjustments, analytics and reporting are crucial. Sponsor involvement, attendee participation, session attendance, session ratings, reviews, check-ins, mid-event exits, spatial analytics, etc. are a few crucial analytics. Avoid wasting time gathering insights, data, and feedback from the two audiences independently or across several devices. A hybrid event platform with an integrated monitoring system that provides you with a thorough understanding of crucial event analytics is what you must look for.


A hybrid event must have the option to modify the interface on demand. Individual changes may differ from one another. Organizations may hold completely customizable events thanks to the 3D Matrix. These occasions have distinctive elements including exhibition halls, a lobby, a reception, and much more. Additionally, each feature of these rooms can be modified to meet the needs of the client. As a result, be sure to search for hybrid events whose user interfaces allow customization.


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