How Do I Choose the Best Orthopaedic Doctor?

How Do I Choose the Best Orthopaedic Doctor?

From a dislocated shoulder to torn ligament, from osteoarthritis to chronic back pain, an orthopaedic surgeon helps people of all ages with various morbidity ranging from acute injuries to chronic, degenerative conditions.

But no matter which approach is best for the condition you might be dealing with, finding the right orthopaedic surgeon can be challenging. There is also a lot of subspecialisation in this field, such as some surgeons focusing only on helping patients with bone cancer, replacing joints or treating problems in the upper or lower extremities or the back and spine, while some focus on treating children, athletes or trauma patients.

Below mentioned are a few tips for finding the best orthopedic doctor for expert and quality orthopaedic care:

  • Get Referrals

To get started, you can ask your family doctor for a list of the best orthopaedic surgeons or hospitals having the most qualified doctors. Family members, friends and other medical professionals are also good resources to ask for recommendations.

While zeroing in, do extensive research about doctors’ credentials and experience. As you narrow down your list and select a few, contact them for appointments and meet each orthopaedic surgeon to understand better and finalise your decision. 

  • Research the Surgeon’s Credentials

It is crucial to consider board certification when selecting an orthopaedic surgeon. It tells you that the surgeon has the necessary training, skills and experience to provide excellent orthopaedic care.

It is also advisable to confirm that the doctor has no history of malpractice or disciplinary actions. There are open sources from which you can find all the details about your orthopaedic surgeon, including the medical school, training hospital, certifications etc. 

  • Consider the Surgeon’s Experience

One of the most important factors when choosing the best orthopedic doctor is experience. When it comes to specialised surgical care involving complex orthopaedic conditions, the more experience a doctor has, the better your results are likely to be.

In addition, you can ask how many patients with your specific condition the doctor has treated before. If you are aware of a procedure you need to undergo, ask how many of such procedures the surgeon has performed and find out about the risk of complications and the success rate.

  • Research about the Hospital

It is essential to evaluate the quality of the hospital where the best orthopedic surgeons conduct tests and treats patients. A lot depends on the quality of the hospital, as it has been seen that top-rated hospitals such as Max Healthcare have fewer or no complications and better survival rates.

In addition, it is recommended to consider the location of the hospital. Ensure that after undergoing an orthopaedic procedure, you don’t have to travel long distances for frequent follow-up and rehabilitation visits. 

  • Evaluate the Doctor’s Way of Communication

Though this doesn’t sound like an essential factor to consider when looking for an orthopaedic, this might be a game-changer. Choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable talking and who encourages you to ask questions in case you have any doubts.

When you first meet the orthopaedic surgeon, ask genuine questions and notice how they respond. Does the doctor welcome your questions and answer them in a language you can easily understand?

Historically it has been found that orthopaedic surgeons are high-tech, low-touch, and not super personable. Therefore, find an orthopaedic surgeon who is interested in you, will consider your treatment preferences, and will respect your decision-making process as the case progresses. 

  • Read Patient Reviews

You must have felt the need to read customers’ reviews before going to a restaurant, especially on a special occasion. Similarly, as your treatment is crucial and can change your life, reading what other people say about the orthopaedic surgeon can provide insight into how a doctor practices medicine and operates their medical practices. While reading the reviews, you will find information about people’s experience with appointments, consultations, doctor’s behaviour, hospital environment, etc. 

  • Know Your Insurance Policy

Insurance coverageisprobably one of the most important factors to consider while seeking medical treatment. In order to, receive insurance benefits for your care, you may need to choose an orthopaedic surgeon who accepts your insurance policy. But remember, to get to pay the least from your pocket do not neglect factors such as doctor’s credentials, experience, outcomes, and hospital quality as you select an orthopaedic surgeon from your existing insurance policy.


Don’t make a choice and move forward with surgery until you completely trust and feel comfortable with the orthopaedic surgeon and their treatment procedure. Remember, your future health depends on it. If you have any questions regarding your health condition or need an appointment with the best orthopaedic surgeons, contact Max Healthcare group, one of India’s largest healthcare organisations.

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