Website Ideas for Legit Jordans Sneakers

Legit Jordans Sneakers

It’s never been easier to buy sneakers on the resale market, but that also means the number of options can be downright overwhelming. How do you resell sneakers?

Sure, you can do your Googles all day long, but unless you really know where to look, you run the risk of getting burnt with replicas, overpaying on a pair that was actually easier to find than you thought, or just getting the wrong product altogether. Moreover, the secondary market for sneakers is constantly shifting and changing. A great deal for a pair of shoes one day could be terrible the next. That is where we come in.

We have taken into account the recent shifts in reselling and rounded up the best resale sites to cop shoes on the secondary market today. Whether it is an OG like eBay and Flight Club or the just-launched Sole Collector app, these are the sneaker reseller names you should know and trust.

Flight Club

More than a shop, this is an institution. Before venture capital money was pouring into the sneaker, resell scene, Flight Club in New York City set the standards for the secondary market. It’s still one of the best places to go to unload higher-priced pairs, which fetch more here than on StockX and usually won’t sit around for too long. If you have super-rare Air Jordan ones collab to sell, this is the place to bring it. For those who cannot drop off their sneakers at the store’s physical branches, there is an option to mail in your sneakers.

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods opened its doors in 2015 and quickly established itself as one of the premier resale and consignment shops in New York City. It’s since broadened its footprint thanks to an extensive online store, partnerships in China, and financial backing from fashion giant LVMH—before later being acquired by online fashion retailer Farfetch in 2018 with a $250 million valuation. While you can probably grab the latest Yeezy from any of the shops on this list, what makes Stadium Goods particularly noteworthy is its penchant for stocking extremely rare—and expensive—offerings. Also noteworthy is Stadium Goods’ selection, which features hyped streetwear and accessories in addition to sneakers.


The journey starts back in 1985 when Nike introduced the Air Jordan 1 for the Chicago Bulls and NBA celebrity Michael Jordan. Even today, the demand for the earliest releases of this brand remains high, and having at least one AJ1 pair is a must-have for every basketball fan. Being known as one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world, we have a selection of the most wanted Jordans available in every colorway and size. Whether you are looking for AJ1 Low, Mid, or High-Top Shoes, you can always get yourself a pair on the fastest-growing sneaker and streetwear marketplace. And most importantly, enjoy Money-Back Guarantee on all orders.

Sole Supremacy

Sole Supremacy is one of those names you see all over eBay, and they have been doing it for years. The store offers just about everything, from Nike SB to Jordan 1s to Yeezys. You can either buy directly from the site or get something via their eBay page. There will be more than enough to browse through.

Project Blitz

Looking for the rarest of the rare or even something that released last weekend. Project Blitz is the place. Curated by Andre Ljustina, an infamous collector known as Croatian Style, Project Blitz has long been the spot for high-profile clientele to get their hands on sneakers that are hard to track down or don’t exist anywhere else. This includes rare Nike SB Dunks, lasered Air Force 1s, PE sneakers, and one-of-one samples. You can find a pair of Yeezys or the latest Supreme box logo, too.


If there’s an easier app for buying and reselling sneakers than this one, this sneaker writer hasn’t discovered it. StockX makes acquiring and getting rid of shoes incredibly easy, although, the company has damaged its rep in the past year with some data breach deceit and that pesky extra fee for buyers. Still, it’s hard to ignore how much using this platform makes sites like eBay feel absolutely archaic. Of the biggest sneaker resale sites out right now, StockX is the best for buyers, who can generally find lower prices here than on Stadium Goods or Flight Club.


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