Top 10 mobile games like Dark Souls

“You are dead,” is perhaps the sentence you will hear the most throughout your game tutorial. If you have finished at least one part of the series, you may be considered a powerful gamer who has successfully accomplished a rigorous and nerve-racking experience. You must pay for every error. Many of these deaths and conflicts are taxing and irritate players, but that is what the Dark Souls world is known for – its harsh playstyle and difficulty.

If you’ve finished the Dark Souls series and are searching for new challenges, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 mobile games like Dark Souls for you. When you’re done, check out the list of the greatest hack & slash games for Android!


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Animus – Stand Alone

Animus takes place in a gloomy and eerie environment where everyone wants to murder your character. It may be a scorpion monster or a gigantic black knight with a massive sword. Your objective is to escape the perilous regions by killing groups of various opponents as well as bosses. Fortunately, a useful guide will come in handy. In the most important occasions, it will provide you with suggestions.

Animus is unquestionably a AAA-class game for mobile devices. You’ll find highly detailed 3D models, creatures, and interesting effects. You can spend a long time simply staring at how the sun shines on your armour.

The character can heal, block a strike, move quickly, and combine two kinds of attacks.

Chaos Rings III

The strange planet of Marble Blue is essential to CHAOS RINGS III. It is a mystery area not widely known to mankind, but they all know for certain that hidden riches and a vast array of resources wait behind every uncovered portion of it.

CHAOS RINGS III’s locations are navigated by utilizing two virtual multitool joysticks on the left and right sides of the screen.

When it comes to attacking your foes, everything changes radically. Since the game does not tolerate errors, it is important to grasp the mechanics ahead of time.

Dark Prison – Future against Virus

Dark Prison: Last Soul of PVP is an intriguing third-person action title. The game’s events take place in a dark and dreary future. Humanity was on the verge of extinction after the zombie pandemic. The main character is a parent whose daughter has been abducted. She is totally resistant to the virus, making her a valuable target for a variety of groups. A gang of villains has imprisoned her in the Black Prison. To save her, you must break inside the jail. Fights, surprise story twists, and a variety of unique gameplay elements await you ahead.

The game has a large number of maps to explore. Simultaneously, the game will demand players to be adaptable and utilize their fighting talents appropriately against adversaries; otherwise, you will perish on a regular basis. If you wish to win often, you must form alliances by rescuing others from the Black Prison. Also, the online arena will allow you to get resources more quickly.

There are 12 distinct weapons in the game, and each one is useful in some way. Gamers may even design their own one-of-a-kind weaponry

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is a Souls-like RPG set in a dark fantasy world without light.

You begin the game by getting acquainted with Terrence, a grey-haired courier with two blades. Later on, Terrence, who is searching for his wife in the story, is joined by Norwood – a burly man wearing a gold mask and carrying an iron maiden in place of a shield. And then there are a number of other characters, each with their own style of combat.

The gameplay will not make smartphone players stressed about the controls. Enemies are slow, and bosses are challenging. The locations here are stylish.

An interesting story, colourful and mysterious characters, unique gameplay that combines soul slayer traditions, good level design with lots of non-linear options to explore, and plenty of character progression options are waiting for you in Pascal’s Wager.

Revenant Knight

Do you like long battles with monsters under the cover of night? Then Revenant Knight is definitely your choice. You will take on the role of a knight who must guard a tombstone. The main idea is that as soon as night falls, the tombstone begins to attract evil monsters, and you just have to protect it without dying in the process.
This Dark Souls-like game requires concentration and skillful control of the protagonist. Also, do not forget the main thing in this game fireboy and watergirl – strategy.


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