The Stonk o Tracker? Complete Stonk O Tracker Explained.


If you’re an investment at AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC) or GameStop (NYSE: GME) you may have come across”the Stonk O Tracker .

To the untrained eye, it may appear as an uncoordinated set of letters, similar to Matt Damon’s mirror in Good Will Hunting.

If you take the time to discover the capabilities of your Stonk O-Tracker it could be an ideal one-stop-shop for keeping track of crucial information associated to AMC and GME shares.

What is Stonk-O’Tracker?

Stonk O Tracker is a website-based application created by an unidentified developer who claims that he “simply enjoys stocks.”

It has attracted a lot of comments from’meme-stock users on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube and one user even claimed that it was “a amusing website designed by apes for Apes”.

The interface is simple and gives information on the two systems: AMC and GME (you can switch between them but, as you can see in the screenshot below, it’s at AMC).

Stonk O-Tracker AMC

So, taking AMC as our reference, let’s have a look at the various details that Stonk-O’Tracker offers.

One of the first things you’ll see is an orange line across the page , which reads “Stonk timing in seven hours, 19 min and 54 seconds”. It’s pretty easy to understand that it’s a countdown to the time that it’s the right time to officially open the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) starts trading!

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Also, under the bar to the left side, you’ll find an the arrow NYSE that has an estimated cost of $12.78. This is the cost that the AMC stock when you examine this chart. New York Stock Exchange closed.

What exactly is SSR?

SSR can be the abbreviation that is used to define “short sales restriction” which is also called the ‘alternative-uptick rules’.

This law safeguards stocks from the constant selling of shorts through the prohibition of short-selling when a company is down 10% or more from the previous day. ibomma

In the image above, it illustrates that in the above instance the SSR has been set at $11.50 It is 10% less that the AMC’s NYSE final price of $12.78.

What’s FRA on Stonk-O’Tracker?

Stonk O Tracker has an entry “FRA which is the price of AMC shares listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The FRA is Europe’s largest stock exchange. Prices here are in Euros.

Stonk-O-Tracker’s Calls ITM Expiring’

On Stonk-OTrackeryou’ll discover a section called “Calls in The money that are expiring’. This section will reveal that the amount of options which the AMC stock expires “In In The Money” at a specific date.

Call options, often referred to as calls, offer an investor with the possibility to buy shares at a set price on a particular date. visit i

If, when the date is set the price is lower than the cost of purchasing the shares on the market the person who owns the shares could be “in the cash” and can get the difference.

To get a clearer picture of the way this works, take the example of a person who purchases a call option out of the AMC stock at a cost of $20.

If AMC’s stock equals $25 at the date of expires the call option, it is trading at $5.

The buyer is then able to choose to take advantage of the call option and purchase AMC shares AMC at $20, and later sell them at a price of $25.

What are the shares Stonk-O-Tracker has available for borrowing?

Stonk-O-Tracker offers AMC and GME buyers with information on how many shares in their respective businesses are accessible for short-sellersto get loans.

Short sellers attempt to steal shares from brokers, and then simply let the price to fall before selling the shares to brokers and pocketing the cash.

If a company is heavily short, the number of shares that are available ibomma for borrowing will decrease.

The following image illustrates the fact that (at the time of announcement) 4000 AMC shares are available for loan take-outs. However, it is important to note that the author of Stonk-OTracker stated that “the share that can be borrowed is an amount that has been supplied by Interactive Brokers. It only shows the number of shares which can be borrowed directly from Interactive Brokers. This isn’t the entire amount of shares available for borrowing, but it gives a clear image of what’s going on. “

What is Stonk o tracker’s ‘Free floating lock’

It’s that the Direct Registration System (DRS) that allows shareholders to secure shares of GME and AMC shares without needing to find an intermediary house to protect the shares. Many investors are trying to accomplish this, in order that their shares won’t be available to short-selling sellers.

The concept is that if lots of GME and AMC investors use DRS, it will be more difficult in the hands of market makers to keep the cost of stocks low.ibomma

Below is a screen shot from Stonk-O-Tracker at the time it was released showing the following: 45.55 percentage of the shares have been placed locked (a total of 5406,414 shares) and that there are 18,415,284 shares that are still in lock by DRS.


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