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This online store sells jewelry. This includes other clothing such as shirts and pants. These units are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, making Nike one of the most popular Air Jordan sneakers for sale. They provide high quality products and services to their customers.

All contact information is available on their website. All products have different sizes and designs. Customers expect professional service and strive for maximum customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about SneakerLite, you can read SneakerLite.

meeting shoes

Find the website URL

Domain Age – 02/27/09

Products include men’s and women’s clothing.

Social Media – Social media is huge.

Impossible newspaper

Found Workers LLC 140 Workers Street 10-09 Arizona (409015)

Email address:

Contact number: +1205286 35657

Delivery time 7-20 working days (Overseas)

Shipping cost is absolutely free

Processing time within 30 working days

Return time within 7 working days

It can be changed.

The item will be delivered within 7-20 business days.

Payment methods: PayPal, Discover Card, American Express MasterCard, Visa, and Visa.

Check Sneakers Learn more about their features.

Terms of Use What is

He has sneakers on Air Jordan.

This browser supports HTTPS encryption.

Network collaboration is fast and easy.

They provide contact information on the site.

What’s on

There are no social media icons on the site.

The level of credibility of this site is also very low.

The site was created a few months ago.

This site address is invalid. invisible block

Are Snickers Lite legal?

Online fraud is on the rise. You should know all the details about the site. You should go to the site and check it out.

Domain Creation Date – This site was launched on September 27th.

Domain Expiration – The domain will expire on September 27, 2022.

Social Media Your website contains social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Low quality content – The content of the site is not of high quality. This indicates that the source is another source.

Customer Reviews – There are no reviews of clothes online.

Policies The policies on this site appear to have been copied from another source.

Although we found the office address the exact address is not found in Google Maps.

Proprietary Information – The website does not provide this information.

Confidence Score – Constant score of 2% is not a good sign.

The index stands at 38.2 out of 100.

SneakerlCity has an Alexa rating of 351732. This does not bode well for Alex.

Temporary options – The site has no options.

Check out Snickerlite.

We couldn’t find any reviews about Snicker City on other websites or forums. We do not endorse this site. I still doubt that you can figure out how to request a refund through PayPal.


SneakerCity sells popular Nike Air Jordan shoes, is this an official site? Snackerlite has classified this site as suspicious. We find this site suspicious. Learn how to request a credit card refund.

Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment in the comment box.

Want to check out SneakerCity? You have come to the right place as we have tried to make this site as comprehensive as possible in the review section below. You must visit this page. Is a scam or a legitimate company?

What is

Includes men’s and women’s accessories, shirts, pants, socks, and more. Online shopping store. I love clothes and fashion

We chose Snickerlocity. This is a very questionable site for the following reasons.

Company Address:

Ship to two different addresses

Previous address in Singapore: 140 Main Service Road 10-09 AZ @ Singapore Found Service (409015) Business name SneakerCity is not listed in or near Singapore on Google Maps, instead listing other businesses.

Anyone have a Vietnam address: 37/2/6 Street 12, Quarter 3, Binh Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000, Vietnam There is no correct address for Vietnam on Google Maps. Therefore, we do not rely on these professional companies for professional online marketing.

Discounts and sales discounts

I sell many items at low prices. You should know that many scam sites today offer huge discounts to lure people into their scams.


Site information includes many problematic sites. including the site name

Recovery and change

We have a no nonsense return and refund policy regarding returns and exchanges. It states that you are responsible for your own shipping charges. So it is almost impossible to get a full refund on this type of website. Check out SneakerLite. This page will help you decide if selling men’s and women’s shoes is right for you.

Do you like Nike shoes? Are you looking for the best deal? This article is for you.

Everyone’s shoe needs are different. Some of them include an American online store that offers a variety of clothing at very reasonable prices. The shoes looked good online but the clothes we got were completely different.


What is SneakerllCity .com?

It is an online shopping store that is selling clothing and fashion products such as sneakers, men’s and women’s t-shirts, pants, socks, etc. However, there are so many things you must know about it before choosing it as your shopping destination.

We have listed SneakerllCity as one of the doubtful sites because of the following reasons:

Company Address:

It has provided two different addresses as below:

First one is provided as Singapore Address: 140 PAYA LEBAR ROAD #10-09 AZ @ PAYA LEBAR SINGAPORE (409015). There is no business with the name SneakerllCity that has been mentioned on or around its Singapore address on Google Maps. Instead, other businesses are mentioned over there.

Second one is mentioned as Vietnam Address: 37/2/6 Street 12, Quarter 3, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000, Viet Nam. Google Maps can’t find the exact match of its Vietnam address. Hence, we shall not trust such an unprofessional company for any kind of online shopping.

Discount and Sales offers:

It is claiming to sell lots of products at cheap rates. You should know that these days mostly scam sites are offering such huge discounts to attract people into their scam.

Copied content:

Lots of details provided on its website, including its website theme match with multiple problematic sites.

Returns and Exchange:

It has a Return and Refund Policy which is found to be very unrealistic for the return and exchange of items. It has stated that you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item(s). So, it is almost impossible to get the full payment back from these kinds of websites due to their confusing


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