Is Sneakers What’s the name of the site?

Is Sneakers legit? This blog will give you details about how the site works and other details to verify the authenticity of the site.

Are you a fan of sneakers? Looking for designer shoes? If so, you’ve found the right blog that provides the latest information on shoe retailers.

The right shoes can enhance a look; So, it would be best to shop online for shoes that can offer you the most fashionable shoes. Sneakers bills itself as the largest sneaker retailer serving the United States.

However, is Sneakers legit? We check and verify the website’s legitimacy.

What testimonials can you get from Sneakers for your online shopping needs?

Get the latest information after the big data

Based purely on Huys data, the site has just been created; It was established on July 22, 2021, two months ago. The site is registered as the domain

The total score is one out of 100, so confidence scores are lost.

Authorities did not release address information; This means that the address cannot be verified.

Various social media logos are displayed at the bottom right of the page, but they are not active.

Sneakers is not available due to social media links.

The site uses very thin content, which means it is very homogenous and very copyrighted.

The website is owned by Sneakercool Limited. Subject to these Terms, Sneakercool Limited assumes responsibility for all services. However, he did not reveal any personal information.

The payment process comes with various options including bank transfers, card payments and more.

This is a new low-trust site. Some information may be unreliable or unavailable. It can therefore be classified as doubtful, but should be considered carefully before making a decision.

What is the name of the website?

Sneakers has a great collection of sneakers. But, is Sneakers legit? He owns a variety of sneaker brands including Yeezy, Nike, Travis Scott, Air Jordan, Off White, Sasai and USA. The site offers a variety of interesting collections from casual to formal. Figures for Europe, US, UK and EU. It has many discounted products and all products are described in detail. Each item is accompanied by a description and size photo, showing US, UK and European sizes.

A brief description of

Website link:

Email ID:

Note: No comment on Sneakers

Office Location: It is located in China but the exact address is not known as the address details are not available.

Contact Information: +1 (234) 252 0636 (WhatsApp Number)

Authorization process: No information.

Delivery time: usually takes 5-15 days, but may be longer in case of Covid-1

Return Process: You can return within 7 days from the date of arrival.

Delivery charges: These are calculated at the time of booking.

Refunds are possible, but the policy is unclear.

Substitution: possible but not described in any detail.

Country Service: More than 200 countries.

Payment Gateways: Sneaker When searching for an answer to a question. Is Sneakers legit? We accept Visa, Western Union, Grimm Money, etc. as well as various payment options.

Links to Social Media The site contains icons for social media, but they are not functional.

Purchase benefits

Offers a wide range of footwear.

It also has international shipping facilities.

The site offers huge discounts on every product.

There are several payment methods available for payment.

The eShop is SSL encrypted.

The website sells branded shoes.

The e-shop is well managed.

The site offers expensive shoes at affordable prices.

Each shoe has a star rating.

Purchase certain defects

Very bad faith.

No valid address information.

Delivery payment details are not included.

Links to reviews and social media channels do not work.

Avoid web content.

The exchange and return policy information is unclear.

There is no review on the official website.

There are no links in the social media icon.

The site’s products are limited.

Is Sneakers legit?

Based on recent research, we have gathered some constructive information to help our readers understand the credibility of a website. and make an informed decision by considering the following criteria in the assessment.

Website Domain Registration Date – Website domain was recently created on 22/07/2021.

Website Domain Expiration – Website domain name will expire on 22/07/2022.

Social Media Links – Social media icons mentioned are pointless because they are irrelevant.

Site Policy – The Site has an incomplete policy.

Customer Reviews – Currently, the official website does not list any customer reviews on Sneakers, but the site does provide a five-star rating.

Content Quality – Printed content does not appear original.

Original Copy of Address – The Company’s address is not listed on the “Contact Us” page.

 Alexa Rating – No results found.

Trust Index – Unfortunately, the site received a poor trust score of 1%.

Index Rating – The site’s index rating is 14.1/100.

Unreal Discounts – The site offers great shoes at affordable prices.

User Responses to “Is Sneakers Legit?”

The site does not yet receive direct customer feedback. It cannot be used on other reverse platforms such as sneakers or TrustPilot. It also has various icons for community websites; However, there is no link directing users to his social profiles.

So, we cannot say that his social media presence is real. So, if you are going to spend money on designer shoes, you should visit the brand’s website or a legitimate third party website. Also, learn what you can do to get money from PayPal after you’ve been scammed.

Final decision

Is Sneakers legit? The site is not legitimate and looks suspicious for several reasons, no trust sites, no address information and reviews, no social media links. Plus, you can get tips on how to avoid credit card fraud. Readers of this site are advised to do some research before deciding to leave or invest in this site. Was this article helpful to you? Please comment below.


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