Safety Matters: Ridesharing App Ziphawk Prioritizes Safety for Both Drivers and Riders

Safety Matters: Ridesharing App Ziphawk Prioritizes Safety for Both Drivers and Riders

You have probably heard the horror stories about ridesharing services. When ridesharing companies don’t prioritize driver and passenger safety, bad things can happen. 

Ziphawk is different. We recognize that our drivers and riders need to have safe, enjoyable rides every time. Here’s how we ensure that everyone is protected and happy during their rides. 

Expansive Driver Background Checks 

Drivers go through rigorous background checks and safety evaluations before they can accept their first ride through Ziphawk. We make sure to check for criminal convictions at the state, regional, and national levels for every driver. To do this, we use fingerprinting and three separate background check processes. 

Riders can feel safe knowing that their drivers have been thoroughly vetted. Gone are the days of sitting in the backseat, anxious about where your driver has been before. You can safely send your loved ones in our high-quality Ziphawk vehicles with peace of mind. 

Constant Video and GPS Monitoring

Every Ziphawk vehicle has a dashcam that allows you to see and hear what is happening at all times. If you send your children on a ride, you can rest assured knowing they are safe. Ziphawk provides real-time GPS monitoring as well, so you can check the progress of the ride at any time. 

It’s important to have transparency during your loved ones’ rides. After all, there are so many unknowns in the ridesharing world. With Ziphawk, you get instant peace of mind at the tap of a button. Follow along with your loved ones’ rides with GPS, video, and audio monitoring. 

Driver Safety

Driver safety matters just as much to us as rider safety. We aim to prevent every unsafe situation, but that isn’t always possible in today’s world. That is why our two-way dashcam monitoring features include driver protection. You get the same protection as your riders in case something goes wrong. 

Video evidence keeps a close record of everything that goes on during your rides. If there is ever a dispute between you and your passengers, you have the truth on your side. Ziphawk aims to protect everyone involved at all times so you can enjoy each ride peacefully. 

Driver and Rider Support Services

If you are ever in a sticky situation, we have driver and rider support services available at all times. You can call, chat, or email support for help with your ride. This helps Ziphawk keep our services safe and satisfactory for every driver and rider. 

You don’t have to spend long periods of time on hold; you get instant support at the click of a button. 

Learn More About Ziphawk 

Ziphawk is an emerging rideshare service that provides maximum benefits to drivers and riders. We partake in the best practices possible to ensure everyone is comfortable, safe, and happy during every ride. You can trust that our rides are reliable and will get you where you need to go every time. Ride with Ziphawk today!


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