Informe Laboratories Inc Why are Informe Laboratories featured in the news?

The post provided here discusses Informe Laboratories Inc and explains previous comments about it.

Can you please show the new profile pack apps for US, Australia and UK? According to sources, the new app allows users to customize their profile pictures and turn them into web entertainment profiles.

However, there are concerns about the app being a scam and infringing on the privacy of online users. What does Informe Laboratories Inc have to do with the app?

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What is this Informe Laboratories all about.

Laboratories, Inc. A mobile application development company that develops applications for Android and iOS users. NewProfilePic Image Editor, ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor, AIportraits – AI Photo Editor, Face Transfer – Face Editor and Fun Photo Booth: Information Labs, Inc. Wiki creator coming soon..

Why are Informe Laboratories featured in the news?

Internet users are completely crazy because of a new program called new profile pack. In early May 2022, a popular mobile app was suddenly accused of fraud. Using artificial intelligence, the software allows users to turn their profile photos into works of art or cartoon portraits.

This software is developed by Inform Laboratories Inc., headquartered in New Zealand. developed by We found the names to be in the company. This information is derived from application studies and previous studies. In the following paragraphs, we will take a closer look at the application, and why the company is talking about it in the media.

What is the ‘New Profile Pic’ app?

If you’ve ever seen new Facebook profile pictures that look like paintings or cartoons, you’ve realized that they all come from a site and app called New Profile Pic.

The new profile picture, sometimes called “NewProfilePic,” allows users to turn their photos into works of art with AI-powered updates. The free app is currently #1 in the Apple Store and trending on social media this month.

But some have questioned its security, with some saying the apps “take all your data and send it to Moscow” as part of a Russian software scam. The Daily Mail app has ties to the Kremlin because it’s developed by a tech company that “overlooks the Moscow River three miles from Red Square,” but is it true?

According to the Snopes website, New Profile Pic Informe Laboratories, Inc. Created by Linerock Investments LTD, a mobile development group and author of Linerock Investments LTD, developer of popular smartphone apps such as ToonMe and Photo Lab Picture & Art. Both are located in the British Virgin Islands, but the screenshots show that the domain is registered in Moscow.

Representative for the Informe Laboratories:

A new profile package site is now registered in Florida. According to a company representative, the founder of the company is registered at an address in Moscow that “does not currently live in the Russian Federation” and has changed his address “to avoid confusion.”

“We would like to emphasize that all our applications (including NewProfilePic) are not dangerous. We are a BVI (British Virgin Islands) company with development offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus,” the statement said. “However, your images (or other data) will not be sent to Moscow. All our applications are server-based and user images are uploaded to Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure servers. All these beautiful effects are necessary to use AI technologies.”

Additional information about the company

After doing some more research on the internet, we found some information about the app.

The same company has developed several additional applications, including ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor, Access Browser, FaceSwitch Face Editor and AIportraits.

However, Linerock Investments is currently listed as the site’s registrant for the application.

According to the results of the investigation, the headquarters of the corporation is located in Moscow, close to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Informe Laboratories In – Get More Information

According to various sources, the domain name is registered by Linerock Investments, which is close to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Therefore, the new profile package application is currently being investigated by cyber security experts.

According to Jack Moore, global cyber security consultant at ESET Internet Security, it is unclear whether the site and the app are owned by the same organization. But it urged users to be very careful before uploading personal information or photos.

The software can capture high-resolution images of users’ faces as well as face data. However, Informe Laboratories Inc. software. Homegrown, headquartered in New Zealand. The linked site is registered with Linerock Investments, headquartered in Moscow, Russia.


Due to the rapid advancement of technology, consumers should be very careful when disclosing personal information online. Information is obtained without permission and misused, regardless of the source app or website. Hence, we advise users to exercise extreme caution and caution before using any software.

We hope this article provides enough information about the issue surrounding the app as well as the company’s homepage. You may contact Informe Laboratories Inc. you can contact Want more information about this? Then read on.

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