Make Money Coding: Interesting Ideas


This article will assist you in figuring out how to generate money via coding or web development if you’ve been asking yourself that question.

Working as a web developer or software engineer offers excellent compensation in addition to a great deal of flexibility, making it the ideal employment for someone who wants the freedom to work from home or travel.

In order to be successful in web development, a college degree is not required.

I think it’s time we started talking about this. Here is a guide on how to get paid to learn coding.

Make an App

There are two methods in which one may generate cash by developing an application and distributing it via major app markets such as the Apple Store and the Android marketplaces.

The first is the money you make from people purchasing your software (if you choose to do that), and the second is the money you make via ads. You’ll have a continuous stream of passive cash thanks to the advertisements from Google Ads and Bing Ads that are shown on mobile applications by default.


Upwork and Fiverr are examples of online freelance work platforms in which users may build profiles at no cost and potentially attract the attention of many companies wanting to hire independent contractors. You might also try getting in touch with companies that publish project proposals online.

You can choose your own fee, from which the platforms will take a predetermined cut.

The drawback of using sites like these is that freelancing, especially newer ones, is more likely to lower their fees to attract new customers. This leads to a situation known as a “race to the bottom,” in which individuals grossly undervalue their labor to get employment of any kind.

Sell Themes/Templates

There are now millions of new websites going live every day. The people building these websites desire distinctive designs and themes that will assist them in building their brand and making them stand out.

If you design themes for websites or even simply page layouts, you may sell them via sites that focus on serving the needs of website proprietors.

If people appreciate your designs and layouts, you’ll have a successful company. This is a passive revenue stream, much like most other methods that a developer might use to generate money. This is a one-time deal; you may be asked to help troubleshoot, but that’s about it.

Create a Course on Udemy

With the rise of marketplaces for user-created material that requires a fee, like Udemy, online course sales have become more appealing.

Training on these sites may range from introductory lessons on programming languages to comprehensive guides on completing certain types of projects.

Udemy is a community, so it does take a cut of each course sale, but this is a reasonable price to pay, considering how much more exposure your courses will receive on the platform.

Start a YouTube Channel

You always have the option of starting a YouTube channel to generate revenue from advertisements if the idea of publishing and selling online courses isn’t appealing to you.

Compared to Udemy, YouTube gives you greater flexibility in terms of the kinds of material you may upload there. The most popular programming videos provide lectures on advanced computer science subjects and insight into what to anticipate during coding interviews.

Create Your Own Website/Blog

Do you feel you have sufficient knowledge to advise on coding? Why not begin a blog instead? Blogs provide the possibility to develop variousincome streams, including advertising and affiliate marketing, which are just two examples.

You will get experience in fundamental parts of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing if you create a website for your business.

Contribute to Technical Blogs

Do you have any interesting or useful coding advice to share? You can contribute to blogs, some of which provide monetary compensation for your work. They have a wide range of interests, including web development and design, as well as start-up businesses and other related fields.

Having your work listed on websites such as these is an excellent way to build up your reputation and may lead to future employment.

There are several revenue streams available to site developers.


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