Cancel subscriptions to major TOTO sites


Cancellations of TOTO subscriptions can be made online or by phone. Cancellation will be applied from the next lottery.

After logging into your account, select the icon next to your username. Select “TOTO Regular Service” from the left navigation. TOTO  메이저놀이터  regular service will be displayed. Select the subscription you want to cancel and click the “Cancel subscription” button.

By phone

Call 6786 6688 and press ‘1’ to view details about your account. After logging in, press “5” to access the TOTO subscription menu. We will inform you about the regular purchase of the TOTO you are currently contracted for. Please operate according to the voice guidance. You can cancel your TOTO subscription by pressing 2]. 메이저놀이터 Make a 4D bet online. You can place 4D rolls, system entries and iBet self-pick bets in the raffles, usually on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The minimum bet is $1.

On the lot’s home page, select 4D from the left navigation. Select the bet type from the dropdown list. You can choose between System Entry, Tibet and 4D Roll. Boards with the same bet type can only be entered on one page.

Select the draw date to place your bet. You can place bets on one draw, two non-consecutive draws, all three draws (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) or six consecutive draws (including the current draw). A 4D roll can only place bets on one draw. Enter the number you want to bet on and enter the size of your bet. You can also generate random numbers using the icon on the left side of each board. Usually, the system entry is a 4-digit number. For 4D Yaku, enter 3 digits and one “R.”

Repeat this step if you want to add more boards with the same bet type. You can add up to 10 boards at once. Selections entered on the board can be cleared by selecting the cross. Alternatively, select Clear All in the bottom right to remove all selections. Selecting ADD TO BET SLIP will allow you to line up your bets on your bet slip. At this point, no bets have been taken yet.r

Make sure your bet is accurately reflected on your bet slip before selecting ‘Place Bet.’ Select “Cancel” if you want to check the bet details again, and “Approve” if you want to confirm the placement of the bet. For a record of your bets, see Transaction History. To play 4D, choose a 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999.

The minimum amount is $1, including GST. The drawing takes place every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm. 23 4D winning numbers in 5 prize categories will be selected in each draw. You will win if you bet on any of the 23 4D winning numbers.

What to do after winning the TOTO lottery in Singapore or receiving a large inheritance

Regardless of the economic situation, it’s customary to line up outside Singapore Pools before TOTO’s jackpot draw. No wonder you’re surprised by the potential for a life-changing sum of money. Since 2014, TOTO’s top 20 popular brands have ranged from 9.7 million yen to 1.9 million yen.

Even if I know that doing TOTO is statistically disadvantageous, at least I can understand and sympathize with the psychology of intellectuals who give their hard-earned money to the Singapore pool


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