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Six Incredible Ways You Must Know To Make 2022 An Exceptional Year For Your Brand!

Customers always search for the best packaging companies in Toronto. But the search is over because iCustomBoxes is your savior packaging. We craft bespoke boxes that speak volumes about our brand’s greatness. Our boxes are power packed with magical powers that help your brand take off.

This blog is a game-changer if you are a sucker for premium-quality boxes. Make 2022 a memorable year surrounded with immense success. Wondering how? Hold on if you are eager to explore more about our phenomenal services.

Wholesale Rates Custom Packaging Toronto

We are the best custom packaging Toronto manufacturers. We aim to provide our customers with superb services without breaking the bank. And for that purpose, we encourage you to place the maximum number of boxes instead of the minimum ones.

Do you think it’s a big celebratory moment for the manufacturers and the customers? Our wholesale boxes cut the cost per piece, reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions, and increase the workforce’s productivity. Moreover, once the warehouse is packed with enough storage, it saves you from losing nerves, money, and resources.

For running a smooth and cost-effective business, the wholesale option rocks! The best part? You also get exciting offers and volume discounts on bulk quantity boxes.

Free Shipping Service Shipping Services All Over Canada

Looking for free shipping for custom packaging Toronto. There you are. You need to visit our website and discover an endless range of box colors, styles, materials, sizes, and add-ons. We give our clients the blank check to pick whatever option they like- no restriction.

Whether you want to deliver heavy-duty or lightweight items, we got you covered. Our packaging specialists ensure that everything is on point before dispatching the parcel. We thoroughly check the packaging’s design, color, printing, size, and style.

But can you figure out what makes us the best custom box supplier? We deliver customized packaging to your doorstep with no extra charges. Yes, you heard it correctly. We still offer free shipment service if your boxes are worth a thousand or a million dollars. And our clients never complained about additional charges or hidden tariffs.

Free Design Assistance

The dog-eat-dog world puts the brands under immense pressure. Whether you want to coin your identity in the food, cosmetic, gaming, or apparel industry, iCustomBoxes is at your service.

Do you know competitive industries run on the wheels of innovation and originality?

If your brand fails to offer thrilling packaging, it is heading to the end. But a huge round of applause to our skilled graphic designers!

If you want to design the boxes from square one or revise them, our geniuses are on it. Our in-house experts know how to spice up the boxes without affecting their functionality. Sync with our experts at a drop of a hat for superb design assistance.

The distinguishing feature? Our custom soap packaging Canada designs and illustrations are 100% original- no copy-paste or modification of the competitor’s artwork. Creativity, transparency, and originality keep our business on the go. Thus it makes us a legendary custom box manufacturer in Toronto!

Digital Mockup

Nowadays, online stores are full of scams. The business owners share fake, misleading, and morphed images to attract customers but in vain.

Congratulations! Customized packaging companies in Toronto are at your service.

At iCustomBoxes, we share an online sample of the boxes for the customer’s utmost satisfaction and approval. And the buyers get an idea of how the product looks in reality. Next, you are most welcome if you want to change the color, size, box style, and add-ons. Once you are 100% satisfied with the final version so we proceed to wholesale production.

Do you want to protect your brand vision without restriction? Bravo, no one does it better than our in-house specialists. You can change the box design, style, and color multiple times. For us, your validation and happiness matter the most.

Get on board with our team and make your packaging confident and bold like never before!

Exciting Box Styles For Your Product

Want to create a buzz in Canada’s competitive market? Here we are!

We are one of the most revered packaging manufacturers Toronto. It is time to make put yourself at ease and explore a new packaging dimension with us.

Our exciting library of box style is jaw-dropping. You pick the box style, and we customize it in whatever dimension, color, and theme you want. Sounds magical, right?

• Custom boxes with die-cut

• Straight tuck end

• Pillow shaped

• Tray and sleeve packaging

• Reverse tuck end

• Countertop

• Dispenser box style

Use Of Planet-Friendly Material

The threatening level of GHG emissions makes sustainable paper material an absolute need. Brands that turn a blind eye to the grim reality suffer in the long run. Moreover, customers are head over heels for brands that incorporate eco-safe practices.

And iCustomBoxes provides the best paper material that cherishes the brand and the buyers. Wow, that’s pretty awesome!

The kraft and cardboard materials are one of a kind. It is lightweight, strong, flexible, shipped flat, and offers excellent opportunities for customization. Whether you want to give the boxes a glossy, matte, raised, or pressed feel, it is all possible.

What’s next? We offer a beautiful range of add-ons to amplify the worth of packaging 100times. You can embellish the packaging with a hang tag, hemp rope, ribbon knot, or glittery lace. 

Lastly, you can pop up the packaging with the colors you love. You can bank on our expertise whether you want to give an old-school or hip-hop vibe. Join the best custom packaging companies in Toronto and experience diversity with affordability.


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