A Comprehensive Study Guide For the AZ-305 Examination by Koenig Solutions

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions certification is given when you pass the AZ-305 exam. While browsing some online resources, ensure Microsoft certification is for you, enroll yourself in the paid training. Suppose you are planning to appear for this examination. In that case, you must ensure that you have advanced knowledge and in-depth experience in IT operations and various aspects like identity, virtualization, networking, security, etc.  

Any professional appointed to this role should observe how decisions are taken in a particular area and impact the overall solution. You should also have experience in Azure development, DevOps processes, and Azure administration, besides the Microsoft Azure certification.  

How to Prepare for the Examination? 

Preparing for the AZ-305 examination, figure out where to start. This examination has replaced both AZ-303 and AZ-304 Microsoft Azure certification examinations. And it might be daunting for many people, but with the appropriate tips and tricks, you can pass this examination with flying colors. Once you attain this certification and any other Microsoft Cloud certification, you will be abundantly rewarded during your career. Here are the following strategies you should follow.  

  • Create a study timetable: You can plan out the most important topics for the examination and keep them at the top of your priority list. It will help you understand where you need to put your maximum focus.   
  • Make weekly and monthly goals: Assign all the portions and subtopics you wish to complete in an entire month. After that, you can divide that monthly goal into four parts. Assign each part to a week. Then, you can break your plans for the day and carry out the daily routine at your convenience.  
  • Religiously follow everything taught to you during the azure certification training: Make sure you retain almost everything that is being taught. If you maintain the maximum, you can save time practicing test papers.
  • Practicing papers will also give you speed to complete your test papers on time:  This examination tests your practical knowledge as well. So make sure you get on-field experience from any industry leader. Practice as many test papers as you can. Identify the portions in which you are making the most mistakes; improve those weaker portions. 
  • Remember to take a rest and improve your productivity: Take breaks during your preparation to put your maximum energy when you do the work.  

Course By Koenig Solutions

  • Koenig Solutions have in-house trainers who are industry leaders and can guide you in the best way to obtain Azure certifications. They provide personalized solutions that help you strengthen your weaknesses and prepare you in the best possible way. Koenig has a course that aids in preparation for AZ-305, which is the course you should take if you are preparing for the AZ-305 examination.  
  • Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure solutions enriches Azure Solution Architects with knowledge so that they can draft and implement various infrastructure solutions. At the end of this course, you and your organization’s solution architects will learn to plan and execute multiple infrastructure solutions to bring in the best results for Microsoft Azure. 
  • This training course is extremely comprehensive as it covers a wide range of topics like computing, governance, application architecture, and many other essential topics. If you are looking at how you can learn how to create infrastructure solutions that will be beneficial for your company, you must take up this course without any second thoughts. The course and the Azure certification costs will be the best investments in 2023.


Many people around you say that the AZ-305 examination is extremely tough. If you have the right strategies in place and seek guidance from the right mentor, no one can stop you from completing this examination. Getting trained by industry experts will upskill you in the right direction. So ensure you take up a paid mentorship from any credible source. In addition, it is the one certification you should opt for among all Microsoft Azure certifications.  


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