In 2022, VPNs are on the rise and this trend is not slowing down. If these applications have become essential for part of the population, it is because they offer many advantages on the web, starting with security. You will see that this is not the only reason. So why use a iTop VPN? Discover in this article all the reasons to use a VPN when browsing the Internet.

VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are services that allow you to connect virtually to a remote server. As you will see later, adding this intermediate connection is interesting on many levels. Here’s why people use VPNs:

Protect yourself against online surveillance

Most Internet users use a VPN to secure their Internet connection. A VPN will effectively encrypt your connection end-to-end. All incoming and outgoing data from your device will pass through an encrypted tunnel. The standard generally used by VPN providers is AES-256. This algorithm is so robust that it is infallible with the means we currently have.

Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi networks

It’s no secret that public Wi-Fi hotspots are a favorite haunt of cybercriminals. These are indeed open networks, most of the time unsecured, which leaves the door open to many deviations. Why can using a VPN reverse this trend?

VPNs will be very useful in this case because they will prevent any malicious person from intercepting your data or tracking your online activities. Indeed, your traffic is unreadable thanks to end-to-end encryption. And as far as your IP address is concerned, it is completely masked, which prevents your activities from being tracked. It is also an effective way of not revealing your identity on these networks.

Having access to blocked sites at university or at work

Often, it happens that schools or companies set up access restrictions against certain sites such as social networks. When you try to access it while connected to the shared network, then you are blocked because of the firewall.

Stream without limits

Streaming activities are another example of using a  iTop VPN للكمبيوتر. It should be understood that many streaming platforms operate under the guise of geo-restrictions technology. Therefore, access to a platform depends on the geographic location of the user. Concretely, this means that a person in the United States will have access to American TV channels or the Netflix US catalog when a user located in France cannot access it.

    Download content anonymously

The other reason that pushes some Internet users to use a VPN is for security when downloading. Torrent download software is not without risk for user privacy: IP address leaks, cyberattacks, malware, etc.

Use the Internet normally when abroad

As with streaming platforms, many sites restrict their access to certain Internet users by taking into account their geographical location. Access bans are usually nation-wide. Thus, when you go on a trip or on a business trip abroad, a VPN will be able to locate you in your country of residence. The only formality is to choose a server in the target country. In fact, even when you are away from home, you will have access to all your usual sites and services (banking application, streaming platform, etc.).


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