Why is the Apostille Stamp obligatory?

Why is the Apostille Stamp obligatory?

The importance of Apostilles has stirred up several debates over the years. Many have argued their relevance in the determination of a legitimate document, and many have argued against it.

However, to fully understand the significance of these documents, you must imagine yourself in a foreign country far away from home. It would be impossible for you to identify legitimate documents from fake ones without an Apostille. This task might even become more herculean if the document is not written in a language you understand. 

Apostilles provide some respite to the epidemic of forged documents. Although it is not a perfect solution, it provides you with some credibility in local courts, as well as with embassies. This is largely the reason why the Hague convention began the apostille document authentication service. And so, any signatory country to this convention is required to utilize and approve Apostles when it comes to the certification of documents in any official capacity.

Although many people view the process of obtaining an Apostille for the legalization of their documents as a waste of time, many others around the world have welcomed this policy as it has made the presentation of legitimate documents to other signatory countries a lot easier.

When do you need an Apostille for your documents?

When it comes to foreign dealings, Apostilles are usually required for authentication. Some of those dealings might include a birth certificate, a certified copy of a divorce judgment, a divorce decree, and a marriage certificate. Others include an affidavit of single status, power of attorney, IRS-related documents, a personal notarized statement provided by a notary public of American origin, certificates of incorporation, by-laws, or certificate of good standing.

Marrying overseas

Before you can be legally married abroad, you must provide an Apostille on your Birth Certificate to the local authority in that country. If you were previously married, you would also be required to present a divorce judgment, an affidavit that affirms you are legally allowed to marry, and another one affirming your single status.

Buying and selling of real estate abroad

People who often intend to buy or sell real estate properties abroad can now get one hassle-free. You can also get an Apostille Stamp on a power of attorney document. This allows you to represent yourself legally during a transaction. In some countries, a spouse’s consent is also required when it comes to the sale of properties.

Apostille on Name Change Judgment 

As a US citizen with a name change, looking to travel to a foreign country, you are required to present an Apostilled Name Change Judgment. This is important if you plan to seek employment in that foreign country. 

You will be required to show a certificate or Apostille on your diplomas, an apostille certificate on an FBI clearance, and transcripts.

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