Various Tips To Give Beautiful Look To Your Custom Burger Boxes

Burger boxes are vital for the brand’s survival. It is not an ordinary food container but an absolute game-changer tool. Do you know that custom packaging, if done right, serves your fast-food chain in unimaginable ways?

Custom burger boxes with printed packaging are powerful marketing strategies and turn food lovers into word-of-mouth advocates. Thus it makes your brand the talk of the town in a flash. What’s next? Your eating place and fast food outlet are all over social media with trending hashtags #bestburgerboxes #bestburgerpackaging. Isn’t that awesome?

Ahead we have gathered effective tips to make your burger boxes wholesale the next big thing.

1. Say No To Improper Packaging!

The purpose of packaging is to secure the burgers. It prevents them from getting stale, soggy, and contaminated. Customers are never in for over or undersized boxes. It undermines their unboxing venture, spoils the burger taste, and creates a hell of a mess.

How would you feel to come across burger boxes smudged with cheese and sauce? It’s a big No and drives food lovers bonkers. Customers are never convinced to splurge on substandard boxes. Everyone looks for quality packaging when traveling, having a picnic, or camping. No one likes to enjoy cold and dry burgers. That is a big win if your boxes perfectly slide into the picnic bags without damaging the burgers.

Therefore right sized custom printed burger boxes are a no-brainer.

2. Bring Your Creative Game To The Club.

Have you ever seen a custom burger box? What inspires you to make a purchase? The mouthwatering burger images, tempting taglines, and creative packaging win the top spot. Our customized boxes offer a complete package to the buyers.

Needless to say, visually engaging burger boxes are one of a kind. It requires no special advertising to win the hearts of foodies. They shine on their own and acquire a better shelf placement. Whether your burgers are placed in the refrigerator or the food display counter, it instantly hooks the onlooker. And they can’t help purchasing it.

Yummy images printed on the box give food lovers an idea about the burger’s flavor, size, and price. They get an idea of whether it’s a beef or chicken-flavored burger through illustrations. If you want to ace the popularity game, focus on the nitty and gritty of the packaging designs.

3. Sustainable Packaging

Want to sustain your fast-food chain business? Go with eco-friendly packaging. At iCustomBoxes, we design food packaging using kraft and cardboard material. Gear up to kill two birds with one stone! Eco-friendly material offers immense benefits to the buyers and the planet. The material is lightweight, durable, customizable, flat-shipped, and easy to assemble. Since these boxes are easy to stack on and occupy less space, overall, it reduces the shipment cost. Trust us; our packaging won’t break the bank.

Hence if you are a starter in the food industry, we got you covered. You can order Burger boxes wholesale and avail of volume discounts. It reduces fuel consumption, landfill, and cleanup cost. At large, it saves your brain, money, and resources. What are you waiting for? Create a positive impact with our eco-safe packaging.

4. Focus On The Signature Color Palette

Have you ever seen pink, blue, or purple-colored custom burger boxes? Emphatic NO!

The truth is colors are a powerful marketing tool. And a signature color combo is a nuclear weapon. It is admitted that customers are ready to shell out on top food brands due to their packaging. Whether your box is placed at the food street shop or the cafeteria the foodies instantly connect with your brand. And the garland goes to the signature color palette.

Small to large-scale fast-food brands can capitalize on this opportunity and earn quick bucks like never before. Improve your brand credibility, reputation, and fan following with iCustomBoxes mind-blowing ideas.

5. Bid Farewell To Crumbled And Wrinkled Boxes!

Do you want to ship, deliver or display custom food boxes at the food counters? Are you uncertain regarding the quality of the boxes? You can bank on our packaging experts. Our packaging is not only a theatrical show but is loaded with protective features. We guarantee you will never find wrinkled or torn-apart boxes delivered to your drop-off site.

Our quality assurance team thoroughly examines the quality, dimensions, and printing before dispatching the order. We make sure not to hand over our clients misprinted or botched boxes. There is more to it!

Our boxes are super reliable, functional, and durable yet flexible. The process of unboxing, assembling, and displaying is not a big deal. We make every step easy for you. You take the packaging out of the box, tuck in the flaps, place the hot burger, and you are done. Besides, you can easily stack the double patty burger with yum yum dips—no smudging, puffing, or bulging of the burgers.

We provide space, creativity, and functionality under one roof. Kudos to our supremely talented team onboard.


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