The guide to creating digitally printed t shirts

Wearing a printed t-shirt, yes it’s trendy! Versatile, practical, inexpensive and stylish, the t-shirt allows you to give birth to all your desires. There are several printing methods for t-shirts that we are using at our t shirt shop in Dallas, one of the most popular of which is digital printing. Digital printing (called DTG in English) is a printing method that consists of printing a digital visual directly on a garment using high-definition printers. It’s like printing on paper, but on textiles.

Do you want to create personalized t-shirts bearing the image of your brand, company or association? Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned pro, here’s everything you need to know to create your printed t-shirt.

Define your needs 

Before embarking on the design of your t-shirt, you must define your needs and for what objectives. So let’s see together the different ways to use your personalized t-shirt.

• The promotional t-shirt

The t-shirt is a perfect communication medium to visually spread the values ​​of your brand. With the right illustration, the right colors and the right text (even very short) you can perfectly reflect your brand values ​​and thus convey the right message.

Offered to your prospects or customers, the personalized t-shirt is a good way to stand out. They will see your branding in their everyday lives, as will the people around them. So people are sure to remember your business.

• The t-shirt for your employees

The first people to get t-shirts bearing your company’s name or logo should be employees. They are the ones that customers will see at all times. By wearing the company t-shirt, it demonstrates seriousness and professionalism on your part and also provides very good visibility for your brand.  

• The event t-shirt

If your company is going to participate in a trade show, festival or other event, you can create a T-shirt bearing the image of your brand especially for the occasion. This will make you visible to the general public since it will be quickly identifiable and memorable to those that stop by the stand.

• The t-shirt for sale

If you are a clothing brand, the printed t-shirt is probably your flagship piece. Inexpensive, if your t-shirt design is attractive enough, you can easily profit from it by selling it on your site or in your store.

Choose the t-shirt model

If you have finally decided to take the plunge and have your clothes printed with a personal touch, then you should know that there are several types of t-shirts.

There are different models: long-sleeved, with a round neck, a V-neck, a tank top , etc.

Your choices are made according to your budget, for example a V-neck t-shirt will certainly cost more than a simple round-neck t-shirt. 

The type of t-shirt will influence your graphic choices. For example, a long-sleeved t-shirt allows you to display text or a slogan on the sleeves. The pocket can also be used to show an image or logo.

What to consider: 

  • The profile of the people who will wear your t-shirt
  • The time of year your garment will be worn

Prepare your visual

DTG printers provide a wide range of colour possibilities, therefore there are essentially no colour restrictions when printing extremely detailed images and pictures.

To start the digital printing process, you need a digital version of your design that follows these simple guidelines:

• File format: vector (.ai, PDF) or raster (.png, .jpg)

• Resolution: at least 300 DPI at the size you want to print for the best quality print possible. If you keep the resolution higher then you can get the better the print. Please be aware that low resolution images may result in a blurry or pixelated image once we print it on the t-shirt.

Launch production of its printed t-shirts            

The digital printing process is very simple. 

The t-shirt is placed in the DTG printer, your design is loaded, then the printer starts up. Like a standard inkjet printer, it uses a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to recreate the colors of your design. Shortly after, your design is printed on the t-shirt! Finally, an essential step, the t-shirt is placed in the drying tunnel to ensure that the ink holds well. 

While direct digital printing can also be an excellent choice for volume printing, its unique advantage over other types of personalization techniques – including screen printing – is its small batch printing capability. 

The ink deposited on the fabric penetrates the fibers allowing a very smooth touch and a very pleasant appearance: 


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