Star Swim Schools – The Best Way to Teach Kids to Swim

Swimming can be an essential life skill that should be learned as early as possible. Star swim schools provide quality instruction that yields real results while still creating an engaging learning environment for kids of all ages.

Baby and children lessons are held throughout the year for 49 weeks to promote consistent learning and speed up progression through levels more rapidly. Furthermore, they also provide private swimming lessons.

Learn to Swim

Learn to swim lessons are an essential element of healthy development for children. Not only can swimming keep children fit, it is also an invaluable lifesaving skill that will serve them throughout their lives. For the best results enroll your child in a top swim school Cranbourne for kids swimming classes and classes for beginners.

First, children will learn how to breathe underwater for 5 seconds at a time before floating their bodies upside down for the same length of time. Combining both with kicking leads them on to move their bodies forward across the water using both arms and legs.

Swimming lessons require time and consistency from children; missing even one lesson could cause them to regress in their progress. Once your child has learned how to swim, they’ll enjoy it for life!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons are offered year-round to infants from six months and older. Our instructor focuses on building breath control, back floating techniques and learning to push off from walls – essential skills in preparation for parentless participation in our Toddler Transition classes.

Star Swim School Clyde was founded on the belief that water safety and skills are invaluable life lessons. Therefore, they provide high-quality training sessions and noteworthy results in an engaging learn-to-swim atmosphere.

Teaching kids to become comfortable and confident swimmers is one of the key components of becoming healthy adults. By selecting an excellent swim school, you can be certain that your children will make the most out of their lessons and quickly move onto higher levels faster. They offer flexible lesson times that fit easily into busy schedules while all pools offer healthier alternatives than freshwater environments.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons provide children with a skill they will use throughout their lives, including learning to be safe around water while building stronger bonds with caregivers and developing independence in the process. Swimming can also set your child on a path to leading a healthier lifestyle that could prevent obesity and other health issues later.

At our swimming classes for babies and kids, we strive to create an optimal learning environment. By offering small group lessons with plenty of individual attention for every student, we are better able to cater to each child’s individual needs while giving parents a successful swimming lesson experience. Parents play an important role in providing quality teaching with meaningful results for babies and toddlers who love water! Our program caters specifically for infants and toddlers who possess this trait!

Adult Swimming Lessons

From backyard pool parties to beach vacations, life is full of memorable water moments shared with loved ones. Adult swimming lessons provide you with the skills and confidence to fully take advantage of each one, whether you are brand new to swimming pools or an experienced sailor looking to improve your lap times.

Comfortable and warm-water pools provide the ideal setting to learn to swim. Our expert instructors customize every lesson according to your goals, challenges and needs; offering classes from novice swimmers who wish to overcome fear of water to advanced swimmers looking to advance technique and endurance.

Infants and toddlers build their love of water and readiness to swim through fun, confidence-building experiences. Parents learn about water safety and drowning prevention. Preschoolers, school-age kids and teens build personal water safety while attaining basic swimming competency by learning two benchmark skills – swim and float. Swim Clinics or Stroke Boosters help refine competitive strokes to increase endurance and efficiency.


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