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Similar things are likely to happen in the world of marketing using social media. I’m certain it’s already taking place. For instance, I receive numerous emails from people who inform me that someone got interested in me, and has subsequently joined following my Twitter account. They don’t provide any information regarding the new people who have joined my page. They contain only an anonymous username that can be used to determine the identity of the person. I’ve found that a greater percent of those “followers” are the providers of porn. They’ve been enrolled for follow-up from thousands of novice users exactly like me. If they continue to do this, I’m probably not an active Twitter user for long as the reality is I’m not searching for any new junk messages to send to my inbox. I’m sure you’re not.

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Our company isn’t earned any money through our social media activities. “Old” methods like phone conferences, calls through email, or even speaking in meetings remains the primary source of revenue for our company. When I started Real Results Marketing five and six years ago, I set out to review my list of contacts and then send calls or emails to contacts in my network each month. The majority of the deals we find are the result of this kind of work. Friendships with former colleagues can be the most lucrative consultant contracts. It can be difficult to find time in my busy schedule to call or write emails. But they’ve proved crucial to the profits of our business and I’m determined not to stop working on them.

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I’m aware of the fact that many firms do not rely upon the networks of their founder to be the main basis for generating demand. Larger firms have their own tested and tested methods for generating growth. The company you are working for may include an entire sales team comprised of employees, sales staff as well as advertising campaigns along with sophisticated databases as well as other tools to provide opportunities for sales. I’d like to suggest this effectiveness of methods aren’t diminished with the advent of social networks. Whatever you’ve done previously should be focused on marketing and sales. It is essential to remain engaged in social networks. Be on the lookout for an active participant in workshops, seminars, and conferences on the topic. 

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There is the option to designate two or three employees for experimenting with these new and exciting tools. Soon, someone will discover how to effectively and efficiently market via social media. If this happens everyone in the field of marketing will have to incorporate this new technology to the industry and make use of the latest technology to boost the revenue and sales. But, while they’re waiting, marketing professionals must concentrate on the tools they are using to understand how to meet their primary duty of generating sustainable long-term, sustainable growth for employers.

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I’ve often joked that I’m the most popular advocate of “antisocial social media advertising.” I’m an ardent advocate of these innovative new channels. However, I’m not prepared to give up traditional marketing methods which have proven effective. But, my less radical perspective on the subject might make me less likely to be chosen to be the sought-after keynote speaker at the next marketing conference. I’m just one step away from the mob who brutally lynched me and continued to call my friends every month.


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