Shirtburry Review :- Is Shirtburry a legit domain or a scam?

This review of Shirtbury provides information on web portal products and site pricing. Please see our article for the latest updates.

Looking for fancy clothes and new clothes for your wardrobe? This portal is for you. It has all the designer clothes. This site is made in India.

In Shirtbury’s review, we discuss the latest outfits and the legitimacy of the site. You can read more about it on the blog.

What is

This is a great business portal. Shirtbury is a casual clothing brand. This site offers the best selection of beautifully designed clothes. This site is specifically designed for men and sells a variety of modern clothing and accessories. The clothes are too big. They also offer better discounts on all products. It is also sold online, are users trying to find a legitimate or counterfeit website?

Next step:

Website: 13/06/2022

Domain Expiry Date: 13/06/2023

Commercial A44 720, 122022 GR HR located.

Contact Number: The company phone number cannot be called from its website.

Developer Info: Information about this creator is not available on their website.

Delivery time: It takes 3-6 days to send the order.

Get it for free: Rs. 399 qualify.

Standard Distribution: The following is a list of standard distribution services provided by Shortbury.

Social Platform Logo: This is on Facebook.

Refundable Order: The order can be returned within 7 days of placing the order.

Method of payment: Delivery amount.

Benefits of Shortbury

There is also social media.

It provides users with an email ID to enhance the service.

He was given the desired address.

It takes less time to place an order.

In a short range

There is only one payment method.

They did not provide any information about the inventor.

He did not give his contact number.

Shirtbury Legal Domain or Fraud?

This site offers beautiful standard casual wear and sellers should check all the details on the site before buying anything. Its value can be determined by the following factors.

Open site:

This web portal was created on 13/206/2022.

Phone Description: The phone number can not be found on its website.

The presence of social networking sites can be seen on Facebook.

Reliable interest: 2% good trusted sites for the site.

Discount Rate: 65% off all products.

Office address to go to Shortbury. A44, Narin Colony Sector, 122022, Gram Staff.

Conditions: This is another policy.

Content copied from other web portals:

Alexa World Rank: This web page is close to # 1680320.

Refund Period: The website allows a refund policy within 10 days of the refund.

Shipping costs

Express Delivery: This ensures fast delivery of your products.

How to cancel an order: Customers have the option to cancel before placing an order.

Exchange: This creates a simple exchange policy.

Check out the shortbread:

It does not guarantee customer return, tracking or liability. No online reviews. This site has a rating of 1680320 Alexa. But social networking is very simple. Unfortunately, no review was found on the site. That fact must be taken into account. “Make money from PayPal fraudsters.


Website portal has no experience with this online sales platform. Contact buyers if it is too low. This web portal has low credit score. No reviews on the web, internet or social media.

This is a new site, no reviews. We advise you not to believe it. Withdraw money from your credit card.

Are you here to find out if this robbery is a scam or a trusted company? If you do not know about this online store, go to the Shortbury store and read this article.

If you want to get something from Shortbury, we will let you know in this article. This store is for menswear. 100% – 26% category and their reliable scores

What is a certificate?

Dress code is an online website for menswear. Shirtbury Fashion Category Summer Big Man (Pack 3), Long Sleeve Clothing Brand Office Business Fitness White Pocket Formal (Pack 3), Leading Business Light Man. (3 packs), etc., and other combinations. According to VISI, this site is registered on 2022-06-13. 26% of the 100% trusted score on this site.

Shirt site:

Website Name: Clothing

Product Type: Men’s Clothing

Product Name: Shirt Fashion Summer Large Men’s Shirt (Pack 3), Long Sleeve Men’s Brand Office Business Fitness Business White Shirt Formal (Pack 3), Men’s Shirt (Pack 3).

Payment Options: Money transfer is provided.

Delivery time: 3-6 days

Return Policy: Within 14 days

Social Media Links: Not provided.

This is the second.

Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping:

User friendly SSL certificate

ficat, HTTPS. It provides a simple and straightforward policy for consumers.

Negative clothing for clothing:

2022-06-13 The domain name of the site registered on other portal sites is new due to trust issues.

The dressing room is allowed.

1. Website Age: 2022-06-13

2. Maximum discount


Address: not provided.

5. Client Complaints: Complainant’s postal ID

6. Email Legal Firm: ShortBerry.

7. Return and exchange: within 14 days

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Shopping:

Is the dress code site fake?

Yes, we found this site useful.

Shirtbury Fraudster or Trustee?

Yes, clothing can be a scam site. We do not recommend this place for online stores.

Is this site legal or not?

, K, This online store is not a legal site.

Is the dressing room safe?

, K, We found this site suspicious.

Our comments on the dress code:

That being said, we have not found this site exactly and we do not recommend buying it from this site. You can also get a list of fraudulent sites in March 2022.


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