Power Up Your Business With Anglia’S Energy Efficiency Programme Eligible Organisations in Suffolk And Norfolk Can Sign Up Now!

Anglia’s Energy Efficiency Programme is designed to help organisations in Suffolk and Norfolk reduce their energy consumption and save money. Through this programme, eligible businesses can access free advice from accredited advisors on how to save energy through behavioral changes or technology investments. This could include anything from insulation upgrades to switching lighting systems.

Additionally, the Programme offers grants for installing approved energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting or biomass boilers. These grants can cover up to 40% of the cost of installation and are available in two funding rounds each year (March & September). By taking part in Anglia’s Energy Efficiency Programme, organisations will benefit financially while also reducing their carbon footprint at the same time!

Sign up today and start powering up your business with Anglia’s energy efficiency programme!

Introducing Anglia’s Energy Efficiency Programme! Businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk now have the opportunity to sign up for this fantastic programme, designed to help them reduce their energy costs. With an array of incentives, including access to a dedicated team of advisors and grants up to £10,000, eligible organisations can make real savings on their energy bills while helping reduce carbon emissions.

What Type of Organisations are Eligible to Sign Up for the Anglia’S Energy Efficiency Programme

Organizations from all sectors and of any size are eligible to sign up for Anglia’s Energy Efficiency Programme. This includes local authorities, charities, housing associations, businesses, manufacturers, and even individual households. The program is open to anyone who wishes to reduce their energy consumption or switch to renewable energy sources to become more sustainable.

To be eligible for the scheme, you must have a registered address in England or Wales and use at least £50k worth of electricity per year or generate equivalent heat through natural gas usage.

Eligible Organisations in Suffolk And Norfolk Can Sign Up Now

Suffolk and Norfolk are two counties in East England with eligible organizations that can take advantage of a new sign-up offer. The offer is open to any organization based in either county, from businesses large and small to charities, schools, and not-for-profit groups. By signing up now, these organizations will benefit from exclusive deals on products or services relevant to their needs and free advice and support tailored specifically for them.

This could prove invaluable for those looking to maximize their resources while staying within budget. So if you’re an organization based in Suffolk or Norfolk, don’t miss your chance; sign up now!

What Kind of Energy Efficiency Measures are Included in the Programme

The energy efficiency measures included in the program vary depending on the needs and objectives of each project. However, some standard measures include retrofitting existing buildings with insulation to reduce heat loss, improving ventilation systems to increase air quality, replacing old lighting fixtures with more efficient models, using renewable energy sources such as solar panels for heating and cooling, and implementing water conservation techniques. Additionally, other initiatives such as promoting public transport over private vehicles, may be incorporated into the program.

Ultimately, https://www.beeanglia.org/helps ensure that all projects are tailored towards specific goals while helping save money and conserve resources in the long run.


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