Pinocchio: An Expected Success / What Lays Behind Olmo Cuarón’s Animations?

Pinocchio: An Expected Success / What Lays Behind Olmo Cuarón’s Animations?

Guillermo del Toro is an incredible Latin American film director. During his work professionally, he has produced and directed films that have earned the heart of Hollywood.

Some of the films are The Devil’s Backbone and The Shape of Water. The last one allowed him to win his first Oscar award, specifically in 2018.

He is also an outstanding novelist and a great enthusiast of stop-motion animation. Recently, the animated version of Pinocchio premiered, and Guillermo del Toro had a crucial role in it.

Pinocchio: An Expected Success

In fact, he was writer, producer and musical composer of this work of art that was animated in manual frame by frame.

This Disney classic has been poured with positive critiques, literally! It could also cause great commotion in the next award season that will take place in 2023.

Many consider that the film will receive more than one nomination from the Academy Awards and that Guillermo del Toro has many possibilities of being awarded again.

Getting to Know Alfonso Cuarón

Who is Alfonso Cuarón? Actually, this name has great worldwide popularity since he is another one of the most acclaimed Mexican filmmakers of all time.

His professional career has been promising, prolific and impeccable, and this has allowed him to make a name for himself as one of the most important icons of the Seventh Art Industry.

During his rise to success, he has received several Golden Globes, plus a BAFTA Award and even two Oscars.

He won the first one for directing Gravity and the second for directing Roma, a film that was filmed in his home country.

Olmo Cuarón’s Animations

Olmo Cuarón comes from a successful and talented family. His father is filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón with whom he shares a very noticeable artistic vein.

This young man enjoys creating stop-motion videos and animations in his spare time and then shares them in his YouTube channel or on his social media accounts.

For many, Olmo Cuarón’s animations display his talent and preference for the arts.

An Artistic Talent Like No Other

Some people believe that he could follow his father’s footsteps, who is a great icon in Hollywood. 

Other people are aware thatOlmo Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro share a great enthusiasm for frame-by-frame animations.

In fact, del Toro thinks that stop-motion animation cannot be labelled only as a film genre. For him they are an expression of film per se.


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