Nextech EHR Software Review

Nextech EHR Software Review

Nextech EHR Software is a powerful and user-friendly electronic medical records (EMR) solution for healthcare providers. The software helps healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

The software is used by healthcare organizations across the United States. It is available for both on-premise and cloud deployments. Its features include practice management and revenue management.


Nextech EHR Software offers a number of features that can help healthcare providers streamline their workflows and provide better patient care. These include user-friendly interfaces, integrated billing systems, and customizable features.

Intuitive User Interface: This is one of the most popular features offered by NexTech EHR Medical software, as it allows healthcare providers to navigate through the system easily and quickly access patient records. This allows them to spend less time on administrative work and more time providing patients with the best possible care.

Customizability: Unlike some of its competitors, NexTech EMR Medical software is highly customizable, which makes it ideal for healthcare organizations that have unique workflows or processes that are not supported by other EMR solutions. This can be especially helpful for small and medium-sized healthcare organizations that may not have the budget to invest in a more expensive EMR solution.

Faster Charting for Physicians: This is another great feature of NexTech EMR Medical software. Its flexible templates make it easy for physicians to chart their patients’ encounters quickly and accurately. The templates can be customized to fit the needs of the physician and can be created without needing programming knowledge.

It can also eliminate non-pertinent patient information, making it easier for physicians to code diagnoses and take notes. This increases the readability of patient charts and ensures that doctors get all the relevant details about each patient.

Lab Testing: This is another useful feature offered by Nextech EHR Software. It allows healthcare providers to order and share lab tests with patients in a matter of seconds. It also minimizes the amount of paperwork involved in requesting and transmitting laboratory results. This reduces waiting times for patients, allowing them to receive their diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Electronic Prescription: This is another excellent feature offered by NexTech EHR Medical software. It enables healthcare providers to prescribe medication digitally and approve refill requests. It also displays patients’ allergies so that doctors can e-prescribe medications safely and accurately.

Streamlined Scheduling: This is another important feature offered by Nextech EHR Software. With it, healthcare providers can schedule appointments for patients at multiple locations. This allows them to increase their productivity and reduce missed appointments.


Nextech EHR Software has a variety of pricing options that can meet the needs of a wide range of practices. These options include a free trial and subscriptions that are monthly or annual. The software also offers support through a variety of methods. This is a great feature because it allows you to get help from experts without breaking the bank.

The software is also customizable to fit each specialty’s specific requirements. This makes it easier for doctors to keep track of patients and their medical histories. It can also save a lot of time for office staff as they can schedule appointments quickly and easily. This is an especially good feature for physicians who see a high volume of patients.

Many doctors are also impressed with the speed and flexibility of the software’s charting process. Its customizable templates allow physicians to create efficient patient charts without having to learn complicated programming languages.

They can also use list filters and dropdown menus to make it easy to enter information. This helps them take accurate notes and code diagnoses accurately.

There is also a referral system that allows doctors to send patients to other physicians for further treatment. This is a great way to improve efficiency and ensure that patients are getting the best care possible.

Another feature that is popular among users is the ability to make changes to appointments easily and quickly. This is a great way to keep appointments running smoothly, and it eliminates the need for office staff to enter new information into the system.

Overall, Nextech EHR Software is a strong option for any practice looking to optimize its workflows. Its features can help you keep track of patients and their records, manage your billing, and more. The software has a reputation for being easy to use, and it is available for any operating system. It also has a community portal for users to communicate with other doctors and share ideas.

Choosing the right EHR software for your practice can be difficult, but it is important to find one that fits your business needs. This is why you should conduct your research thoroughly. It will give you an idea of what features to look for and how much money to spend on the software.


Nextech EHR Software offers an intuitive and user-friendly electronic medical record solution that makes it easy for healthcare providers to document patient data. It also includes features that improve efficiency and enhance patient care like nextgen telehealth.

Its mobile app is a convenient way for users to access patient charts and document notes from anywhere they are. This can help increase productivity and reduce patient wait times, enabling patients to get the care they need in a timely manner.

The software is designed to work with a variety of health systems and providers. It also has a robust customer support system that is available round-the-clock to answer any questions that patients or staff may have.

In addition to its EHR capabilities, Nextech provides practice management and revenue management solutions that can help physicians manage their finances efficiently. Its practice management module allows users to automate scheduling and billing by using a drag-and-drop functionality, while its revenue management system can help monitor and control costs by running eligibility checks for all patients simultaneously.

This solution also includes features that streamline the process of ordering and sharing lab tests. This ensures that lab results are quickly dispatched to the doctor’s office and patients are sent their diagnosis without delay. It also helps doctors e-prescribe medication electronically and approve refill requests.

It also displays patients’ allergies before e-prescription so that they can be sure to choose drugs that are safe for them. This is essential for patients who have allergies or other health conditions that can make it difficult to use certain medications.

The system is also easy to use and can be accessed on any device, including computers and smartphones. It is constantly updated and can be customized to suit a wide range of needs.

In terms of pricing, Nextech EHR Software is more affordable than its competitors, making it a viable option for small and medium-sized healthcare organizations. However, it lacks third-party integrations compared to some of its competitors, which can be a disadvantage for healthcare organizations that need to connect their electronic medical records with other software tools or systems.


Nextech EHR Software offers a variety of integrations to help your practice streamline workflows and automate your administrative tasks. It also offers a variety of customizable templates that are specific to your practice and patients’ needs.

IHE Eye Care Initiative: Interoperability is one of the most important features in any electronic health record. It allows your EHR to communicate with all of your medical devices and systems so that you can use the same data across them.

Until recently, digital imaging and data collection tools used proprietary software from device manufacturers. Today, these programs have become standardized, making it easier for practices to integrate them.

NexTech EMR is an example of this, as it has developed its own image management system that can capture images from any type of medical device and import them directly into the patient’s encounter notes.

VialConnect: This technology-enabled solution from Vial allows research clinics that use Nextech EMR to display patient information relevant to inclusion/exclusion (I/E) criteria for clinical trial recruitment, saving time and improving the efficiency of trial recruiting.

DocHub: Integrate DocHub with your EHR software to create fillable forms, share documents with colleagues, and save time. The tool lets you convert static PDFs into fillable and reusable templates to simplify your document-driven processes.

Intuit Payment Solutions: Intuit is one of the largest small business payment processors in the world, processing over $17 billion in transactions each year for approximately 300,000 small businesses. Its specialized solutions include the ability to process credit cards, e-checks, and online payments in multiple channels.

Nextech offers a full-featured EMR and practice management solution designed for physicians in dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and orthopedics. It includes a patient portal, a native iPad app, and other tools to help you manage your practice.

The best way to choose a vendor is to understand their product offering. Talk with a representative about what your company offers and how it can help your practice.

In addition to an easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality, a good EMR software program should have a robust referral system and flexible templates that can be customized according to the needs of each specialty and patient. These features will help you provide the best patient experience while ensuring that your business runs smoothly.


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