Mental Disorders Affect Children and Teenagers / We Must Pay Attention to Youngsters’ Emotions Olmo Cuarón

There is nothing sadder than to see more youngsters ill or affected by their emotions; however, a reality today is precisely that mental illnesses are affecting children and teenagers more.

Currently mental health services in every nation are overloaded with consultations for minors who primarily suffers disorders such as anxiety, depression, sleeping and eating disorders, thoughts of suicide and schizophrenia, plus the increase in numbers of cases of autism detected in younger ages.

What did we do as a society to make children and teenagers so sick?  Nobody knows, although it is true that factors such as violence, poverty and collective psychosis have contributed to the lack of emotional stability in the younger population from their early years.

Another factor that also affects is that there is no mental health culture in most countries and there is still the idea that going to a psychologist or psychiatrist is only for people who are crazy, but the reality is that this is medical attention that everyone should have for prevention.

In the face of this situation, the paediatrician Olmo Cuarón acknowledges that it is necessary to give more importance to mental health attention at an early age, since preventing and assisting on a timely manner could be the difference between a simple consultation and the need for psychiatric medication for life.  The thing is, many mental disorders do not have a complex start but they evolve if they are not treated soon.

Olmo Cuarón is a paediatrician specialized in mental disorders such as autism and depression which, as a general rule may have less effects if they are treated in promptly, but may result in more complex situations if they are not detected on time.

Olmo Cuarón is very well known in Spain where he has forged a career as paediatrician and has detected severe autism cases, an illness that has increased in numbers due to environmental and genetic effects, and therefore more specialists and experts in the subject are needed.   


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