Inventory Management Software for a Repair Store Franchise

inventory management software

Running a cell phone repair business with multiple locations is challenging as you have to manage inventory, invoices, employees, and processes. To manage all these essential elements of your cell phone repair store franchise, you need all-in-one software that can save time and help your business grow quicker.

Several software and systems are available to help you organize the inventory in all of your stores. You can pick any of these depending on your requirements and needs. But RepairDesk POS is the best solution for all your multi-store store issues related to inventory management. Hang in there, because I am going to explain the reason for this claim. 

Repair shop POS software will help you cut costs, streamline your day-to-day operations, and access the real-time reporting you want to boost your multi-store repair business. It is designed to inform business owners how much stock they are left within the inventory and how long an accessory has been there. On top of this, with the addition of the new Progress Tracker Module, it tracks the daily and monthly targets of each of your multi-location stores, separately, giving you complete visibility into the performance of each individual store.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best features RepairDesk offers to help you keep track of the inventory of each of your single stores:

Easy to Manage

An inventory management software should be easy to manage and cover all the aspects of your repair business. And that’s what the RepairDesk does. The system is simple, quick, efficient, and can be managed efficiently by any of your employees.

You just have to give the staff members a simple training session to get hands-on experience, which can be done within two days. After that, you can take its help in managing the inventory flow of your store. Using this platform, you can create purchase orders, perform inventory counts, and make inventory adjustments all from within your POS. What’s even more exciting is how it simplifies it all with the Bulk Scan capability.

Low Stock Alerts

Your repair store inventory management software must have a notification alert feature that warns you whenever you are low on your parts stock. And if it’s not alerting you before running out of your inventory, there’s no point in using it in your repair shop.

Inventory management software such as the RepairDesk also promptly generates a direct purchase order from your desired vendor if an accessory, part, or device, hits a specific limit at any of your outlets, making it the best practical tool to benefit your business.  

Inventory Forecasting 

As the name suggests, an inventory forecast allows you to find which products are getting out of the stock through which you can serve the customers more appropriately. One of the most significant benefits of software having the inventory forecasting feature is; that it gives you better control over how you should spend the available resources.

Having this feature in your POS system for repair shop, you’ll get the following advantages

  • High turnover rates and asset efficiency
  • Customer loyalty
  • Better handling of the processes
  • Lesser risks of stockouts

Real-Time Updates

The cloud-based RepairDesk POS allows you to check the processes and inventory anywhere you want. This way, you can better coordinate with your customers and team members spread across different locations. In addition, this effortless coordination can make you make perfect decisions in time.

Returned Inventory Management

One of the best features an inventory management system should have is handling returned stocks or inventory. Customers sometimes return the items purchased from your store for various reasons. And you might get frustrated with this if you don’t have decent software to manage that.

The system can create, cancel, or confirm the return and send it to the desired store or warehouse when you have several repair stores. It can also decide whether the device should be replaced or the customer should get their money back. An advanced system like RepairDesk handles the returned inventory management for you not only for the new repair parts, but also if you deal in buy-ins and pre-loved gadget sales.

Barcoding and Tagging 

To eliminate human error, it is vital to practice the barcode module. And when you own an entire franchise, there can be more chances of a mistake, and that’s not right for your business’s growth. That’s why barcodes and tags are necessary, as they save a lot of your time and money spent on manually tracking the devices.

RepairDesk inventory management software enhances inventory control and precisely tracks items, including product and pricing detail. And with the barcode module, you can get efficient performance in less time.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned features are mandatory for an inventory management system used in a cell phone or computer repair franchise. And RepairDesk comes with all of them, making it an ideal POS software that can help your repair business efficiently manage the process and grow.

Several other software can cost you even less, while none of them falls in the category of ‘perfect’ but RepairDesk. So, if you own a repair franchise and are looking forward to streamlining your inventory management, employ this software and see your business expand quickly.


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