Ideas for a Funny Birthday Cake

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Nowadays everyone is so busy with work and other responsibilities that they need more time for family and friends. To show your affection, nothing beats a thoughtful gift. Sending someone an online cake is a great way to express your feelings when you can’t be there. Cake delivery online is easily available. Here are some funny cake ideas you can send through an online cake delivery service. To know more

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1. Atomic Cake

How come this multilayered, brightly colored confection is known as an “atomic cake?” Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why! Regardless of personal preferences, this is the best Cake ever. At the bottom is a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of yellow or banana Cake, and finally, a layer of white (or strawberry) cake that sits above everything. Fresh strawberries, bananas, vanilla, chocolate, and banana puddings are sandwiched between each slice of Cake.

2. Hamburger Cake

While the final product of this hamburger cake may look quite complex, it only requires five ingredients and some food coloring to complete. The bun is made from a chocolate cake layer iced in chocolate, and the toppings, including lettuce, cheese, and sauces, are made from fondant that has been colored and moulded into the appropriate shapes.

 3. Ding-Dong-Cake

This Ding Dong cake may look easier to make than the hamburger cake, but it takes a lot more time and supplies to put together. You won’t regret the additional effort put into this decadent chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache frosting and a creamy vanilla filling.

4. Pineapple Dream Cake:

The pineapple dream cake is a light, airy dessert that will surely please any cake lover. It has a rich, buttery, juicy, and intensely tropical flavor. The fluffy whipped cream topping puts the cherry on top of this Cake.

5. Chocolate Drip Cake

The chocolate drip cake is beautiful and sophisticated, yet it only takes about 5 minutes to decorate and gives the impression that you spent hours on it. After baking and icing your cakes, you can add melted chocolate chips to whipped cream for a dripping effect by squeezing the mixture down the edge of the Cake. After that, you can ice the Cake’s top with the remaining frosting or not at all.

6. Banana Cake

Another super-easy cake that yields a mountain of delicious results with no effort. It’s fluffy, sugary, and bursting with banana flavor. That’s tough to top.

7. Doughnut Cake Dusted in Powder

There is only one layer of Cake in this Cake, covered in powdered sugar and melted butter. It’s fine to use a cake mix from a box. But if you have the resources, I highly recommend preparing the homemade version described in the recipe. Honestly, nothing compares to this.

8. Pinata cake stuffed with malted milk

Yet, pinatas can be messy and sometimes deadly, depending on who’s swinging the stick. Make a piñata cake with malted milk using this recipe. It’s like slicing into a real pinata; it’s rich, buttery, and sugary-sweet, revealing a treasure trove of candies.

9. Lemon Cake

This lemon cake recipe is perfect for those who enjoy a balance of sweetness, sourness, and testiness in their baked goods. It takes over an hour to make, but the preparation time should take at most 10 minutes. A standard set of ingredients is used.  From looking at the ingredients, you can tell that this Cake has more tartness than sweetness; nonetheless, it is still wonderfully delicious and beautiful.

10. Butterfinger Cake

It’s among the tastiest, most indulgent desserts you’ve ever had. Here’re talking about a religious experience here, what with the marble cake, whipped caramel topping, extra caramel sauce, chopped Butterfinger pieces, chocolate syrup, and Cool Whip. It has a sweet, sweet flavor and is both crisp and airy.

11. Cheesecake

You’ll love this cheesecake’s creamy, silky-smooth filling and perfectly crumbly crust. Cheesecakes are the only desserts that can successfully balance sour and sweet flavors. It’s delicious but also great with toppings like berries and chocolate sauce.

12. Happy Lion Birthday Cake

The joyful lion cake is an attractive option if you need a birthday dessert for a child. It’s too adorable to eat, but its flavor won’t disappoint you. Despite its outward appearance, the preparation is as simple as the hamburger cake. Generally, it takes less than an hour to prepare, bake, and decorate. Likewise, the drier-than-usual spaghetti whiskers are nothing to worry about. After you begin cutting, you can always take them out.

For the children, you can get a cake in the shape of Doraemon, motu patlu cake, barbie cake, Bheem, Hello Kitty, or any other cartoon figure; for the adults, you can get a cake in the form of a heart or a black forest; and the list goes on and on. 


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