How to research about your competition and crush them in SEO

We live in an age of data and resources and have access to an endless supply of information. There is a plethora of quality competitor research tools available in the market. SEO techniques eliminate unnecessary content, as such content can drag the website down in search engine rankings. It is essential to eradicate excessive content as it benefits users as site navigation is made easier and faster. SEO makes the site more visible, which means more traffic and opportunities for converting prospects into customers.

Following are the ways to research your competition in SEO-

  • Try to identify your main competitors.
  • Analyze the presence of your competitors.
  • Gather information about their work.
  • Check their online reviews
  • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Make use of tools for competitive research.

These are some ways to research your competitors. If you want to crush them in SEO, you should make use of the following tools to do that-

1. BuiltWith

It is a competitive analysis tool that provides users with a comprehensive view of the technology and tools leveraged by any website domain. It summarizes the widgets, frameworks, Javascript libraries and web hosting providers. It is the best tool to track competitor data.

2.     Wappalyzer

This tool reveals the technology stack behind any domain. It boasts its API and browser extension for quick and easy viewing, and it also uniquely allows you to build customized datasets for market research and competitor analysis. 

3.     Wayback Machine

It is a potent tool to view the competitor’s content from any date in the past. This tool feels very natural and is seamless when it comes to functioning. You can use this tool to keep an eye on the content that the competitor is putting up. The best thing about this tool is quickly pulling up a screenshot from nearly any date.

4.     Moz

This tool provides teams with the data to help increase the traffic, rankings and visibility in the search results. This tool uses many site audits, keyword searches, backlink analysis and rank tracking. It has a profiler tool called link explorer, which provides the domain authority and the backlink profile of any site in just a matter of seconds. When it comes to particularly backlink analysis, this tool outperforms its many competitors with great ease.

Apart from the tools, following the ethical ways to crush your competitors-

1. Spy on your competitor’s keywords

You can look at your competitor’s keywords if you want to get the upper hand in the competition. You should find specific keywords the other sites use, and then you can use those for your benefit. Your priority should be seeing the high-traffic keywords related to your search. This data tells you which keywords your competitors are using and how popular those keywords are. You should also check how much organic traffic comes in from those keywords and how it impacts their SEO business. 

Many individuals use SEO Perth, a transparent SEO agency that delivers measurable results, and they also help you in keyword ranking.

2.     Use the power of local SEO

Most businesses spend their time and energy trying to rank higher for huge keywords on a global level. Local SEO is the SEO that has its field of study. The most significant advantage of local SEO is that if you use this and your competitor doesn’t, the people close to you will naturally see your site first in the SERPs’. 

3.     Personally refer people to your site.

You should try to refer people to your site voluntarily. Many people first check the online reviews of any site before taking its service or business. If you stumble upon a good review of your site, your business will expand through word of mouth as people love recommending good things to their colleagues, friends and family. It is a known fact that recommendations can go a long way.

4.     Get more links

You should ask yourself how many people are talking about your business and how many are talking about your competitors. If you ask these questions, they can help you with SEO. The more famous your site is, the higher it will rank on the SEO. Google determines which sites are popular through the links. The key to getting more popular in the eyes of Google is to create a winning backlink strategy.

As you get more links, you will see a meteoric rise up in the SERPs while your competitors go down in the ranking. You should also get more backlinks from the sites that have a high domain authority. There is a list of websites that generate high-performing content on your keyword, and you can also use this list to narrow down your targets in the most efficient ways. You should always try to reach out to the sites with high domain authority rankings. The more of these links you try to acquire, the better chances you have of beating all your competitors on page one.

5.     Look out for different types of keyword stuffing

It is normal to use focus keywords and keywords play a huge role in ranking your site. SEO has found more clever methods for keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the main practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an obvious attempt to manipulate the ranking of a site on Google. There are some tools that you can make use of to check the keyword density. There are no fast rules for keyword density, however, any SEOs recommend using 1-2 keywords for every 100 words of copy.

You can make use of the below five ways to avoid keyword stuffing-

  • You should assign a primary keyword to your website.
  • Keep up with the keyword density.
  • You should create longer but relevant content.
  • You can make use of secondary keywords synonyms and long –tail keywords.
  • You can also add target keywords to the page elements.

                Keyword stemming also plays a main role and it refers to Google’s ability to understand different word forms of a specific search query.


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