3 Sure Fire High Sales Techniques

high ticket sales

In the world of digital marketing, there are 3 sure fire ways to make high ticket sales. They are Pre-frame, Buyer persona, and Low pressure consultative method. These techniques are crucial to making a sale and keeping your clients happy. But, the secret to achieving high ticket sales is to keep your business model sustainable. If you have too many low ticket sales, your business will slow down and you will need to pick up more companies to get more clients. Not only that, working with a tight budget means strategizing the number of sales. But, if you want to put your agency on the map, you should sign up for our Agency Partnership Program. Through this program, you’ll get a dedicated interview, free event tickets, and an exclusive listing in our directory.


Whether you are selling a product or high ticket closer service, having a pre-frame is key to ensuring your success. This technique is an influence tool that helps you shape your customers’ thought processes. Using this technique will put you in control of the conversation. The key is to use relevant content in your pre-frames.

Buyer persona

You can use a buyer persona to help you attract the right customers to your product or service. It can help you develop a more accurate product or service offering and align all your marketing efforts. It can also help you understand your customers’ pain points and wants and handle objections.

To build a buyer persona, you need to understand your customers better. Ask yourself questions like what motivates them to buy your product or service, why they buy, and what they’re worried about. These questions can help you develop a more personalized approach to your sales copy.

In addition, knowing your customers’ wants will help you create a more targeted sales funnel. For example, if a particular segment of your audience prefers LinkedIn over Facebook, you can serve them ads that are more relevant to their interests. Using a buyer persona helps you build a sales funnel that will attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Mike Killen’s 6A framework

Creating a high ticket sales funnel is a critical component of increasing the value of your business in the market and generating revenue from individual clients. Mike Killen’s 6A framework outlines the process of developing a high ticket sales funnel, including identifying the right audience, developing a personalized message, creating an opt-in page, and closing the sale. The 6A framework applies to all types of sales funnels, including high-ticket sales.

The first step is to identify the target audience and determine what kind of product or service you have to sell. For example, if you sell medical devices, then you may want to market them to healthcare professionals, or industrial customers. In any case, you should narrow down the niche to a specific audience and make content specifically for them. The second step is to personalize your approach to your leads and encourage them to refer your business. Product Feedback from your leads is important during this stage because it tells you what needs to be improved and which direction your business is headed.

High ticket sales can be more profitable than low ticket sales. For example, if you sell a $2,000 course, you could earn up to 50% commission, which means that you can make a thousand dollars from just a few sales. Furthermore, high ticket sales typically generate more revenue per client. To close these types of sales, you need to create a sales funnel and provide an exceptional experience for the customer. The 6A framework is an excellent tool to use in this process.


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