Gonift.Com Scam How does the Gonift Gift Card work?

Elery Pfeffer is the founder and CEO of Gonift.com. Pfeffer started the company to support local community businesses regardless of their location in the United States.

Elery Pfeffer created a business plan to promote each other’s stores in local communities. It can be redeemed with Nift card or Gonift.com gift card. First, let’s look at Nift.com scams.


Gonift.com is a new site for commercial sales. It was released on September 16, 2015. Six years and eight months, the site is open 24 hours a day. This is a popular site, but it will be taken off the Internet in three months and six days. The website was last updated on August 13, 2021.

Research by Gonift.com shows that it is not a scam, but its concept has been confused with forms of fraud.

How does a Gonfit gift card work?

Local businesses should sign up for Nift. News about Gonift.com scam. Local businesses receive a $30 gift voucher to give to their customers as a token of appreciation. User need to activate nift card within 30 days. The customer will need to select the type of gift they are interested in.

Based on the customer’s preferences, the site will offer two options that are closely related to the customer’s wish list. First, the customer has the opportunity to choose any gift option. The website will provide an index for local addresses, so beware of Gonift.com scams. A $30 Nift card allows the user to purchase their own groceries.

Local businesses will gain new customers through this process. 88% of customers said they would return to a local business, 37% actually did, and 70% spent more money than if they had a Nifty card.

The new store offers a second nifty card to its customer as a token of appreciation. A customer uses a Nift card from another local store. According to Elery Pfeffer, this strategy will help small businesses fend off their e-commerce competitors.

Gonift.com Scam:

Numerous customer reviews, feedback and suggestions across the Internet have prompted BBB to streamline Gonift.com’s business strategy. Nift is a gift voucher that requires users to spend more money at more stores.


Gonift.com is not a scam. Nift cards can be used to allow customers to spend more money. Gonift.com has a 93% trust rating, 82.4% business rating, 165,115 and a low suspicion score (16%). Gonfit cheating rumors confirmed. Nift cards are very useful for those who shop regularly at local stores.

Oil for business

Nift’s goal is to help businesses find new customers. On their website, they ask, “How many customers can Nifty bring you?” he asks. The website also claims that the company works with more than 4,800 businesses and has given away 27 million gifts. Nift is convenient for business owners because you can install it.

A business owner will write, provide information about their ideal client and focus on their business. They have to pay when the system works. A business owner can adjust the perfect customer criteria at any time. In addition, they can also track various statistics such as first-time visits, repeat users, revenue, ratings, reviews, etc.

How does oil work?

Nift is classified as a neighborhood reward that helps local users find local businesses. Business owners give Nift gift cards to their best customers. Users can use these cards to communicate with other local businesses. Other enterprises can also issue Nifts to their customers. The company believes its platform will help all businesses grow together.

Although the idea is great, the execution is not perfect, which is why many have called GoNift a scam. It doesn’t help to tell customers that the company won’t stop saying yes.

Customer complaints

The biggest issues with Nift are interest and execution. Unfortunately for the company, many businesses are not interested and the company cannot succeed without the support of other businesses. Since the company is relatively new, customer complaints are limited. The company has 3 complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

One complains that the company’s referral program is giving out codes that don’t work. The referral program offers a $30 credit for each customer referred. The first customer complaint was submitted to the company on 11.07.2019 and was not resolved until 12.04.2019.

This system doesn’t seem to work well for businesses either. There have been several complaints about the company harassing business owners. Many times business owners say they are not interested, but the company calls.

As for users, Nift randomly chooses where to buy gift cards. And, often the client has to make it bigger.

Buy on certain days. Otherwise, the card cannot be used. Some people say that they are not interested in the gifts that are chosen for them. They want to have a wider selection or choose gifts that they like.

This is currently not possible.

What does a Gonfit Gift Certificate do?

Become a member of Nift

All businesses should be alive too Gonift.com is a scam. Like a local A token of thanks

A $350 gift certificate to offer to our loyal customers. Instead, the user has to activate the Nift card through Gonift.com within thirty days. The customer must select the type of gift.

The website will offer two options that are closely related to the customer’s preferences based on the customer’s preferences. The website will offer any gift options and an index of local business addresses. This protects Gonift.com from scams. A customer can present a $30 Nift card, which allows them to visit local businesses and purchase goods.

This allows local businesses to gain new customers. 88% of customers are willing to return to their store. 37% customers return, 70% customers spend more with Nift card.

As a thank you, the store gives the customer another Nift card to thank them. The customer will be issued a new Nifty card by the new local store. Elery Pfeffer believes this strategy will protect small businesses from larger e-commerce competitors.


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