DreameBot L10s Ultra-A Smart Robot Vacuum With AI-Powered Navigation.

DreameBot L10s Ultra

The DreameBot L10s Ultra is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner with AI-powered navigation. Designed to reduce missed spots and repetitive cleaning, AI Action uses an advanced RGB camera to identify your home and tailor its cleaning strategy. It also uses 3D structured light to learn your home and auto-generate cleaning paths. Its fast mapping technology generates a 3D map of your home and remembers multiple floor plans.

Product L10s Ultra

The Dreamebot L10s Ultra is a new fully automatic robotic vacuum and mop that removes the need for human intervention. It has dual 180 RPM self-damping mop heads, a rotating broom, and 5,300 psi suction power. It also has an app that enables you to customise cleaning settings.

The Dreame Bot L10 is a powerful cleaner with excellent navigation and powerful suction. It comes with plenty of customization options, but the main focus is on its superior tech inside. Unlike other vacuums, the Dreame L10s Ultra offers powerful suction and customization, making it a great option for larger homes.

The Dreame L10s Ultra offers a huge battery that gives it more than two hours of runtime. It can clean up to 250 square metres on a full charge, and can be recharged multiple times. It is also quiet, generating only 65dBA when on minimum power, and only slightly more noisy on turbo power.


The new Dreamebot L10s Ultra engineering is a cutting-edge robot vacuum and mop that offers enhanced mopping capabilities and an advanced obstacle avoidance system. This new model is designed to clean homes without the need for manual assistance and will be available later this year. It will be available in two models, each with their own distinct features.

The Dreame L10s Ultra’s dock has separate clean and dirty water tanks, a dustbag compartment, and a self-emptying feature. It also has DualBoost 2.0 technology, which uses the suction of air to vacuum dust into the dock’s 3-liter dustbin. The Dreame L10s Ultra also features automatic raising and lowering of the mops, self-washing, and high-speed sweeping.

The DreameBot L10s Ultra’s 24-sensors allow it to adapt to a variety of home environments. This allows it to avoid objects such as slippers, socks, and data cables. Additionally, it also features a self-emptying dock that eliminates the need to refill the machine.


The new Dreamebot L10s Ultra robotic vacuum has several advanced features. One of its highlights is its mapping technology, which uses three individual laser sensors to detect objects in the environment. This technology allows for greater accuracy and eliminates blind spots. In addition, the robot uses no light to detect its surroundings, a great advantage for avoiding obstacles.

The advanced AI in the Dreamebot L10s Ultra allows the robot to automatically adjust its suction power to clean different floors. This means that users don’t have to spend hours programming the device to know where to vacuum. The machine can also recognise obstacles using a 3D map and multi-frequency ultrasonics.

Another key feature of the Dreame L10S Ultra is its high suction power. It has a suction power of 5,300 psi, which makes it a great choice for cleaning carpets and hard floors alike. It also has an automatic detection mode, which adjusts its suction pressure accordingly. In addition, the machine can automatically empty its collected debris by returning to its base station.


The DreameBot L10s Ultra is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can handle most of the household chores. It features a self-damping mop head, a rotating side brush, and powerful suction power of up to 5,300Pa. In addition, it has an app that lets you select different cleaning settings. Users can adjust the suction power and set the cleaning pattern to suit their personal needs.

Another innovation in the DreameBot L10s Ultra is its AI-powered navigation system. This feature minimizes missed spots and repeated cleaning. It also uses advanced RGB camera technology and 3D-structured light to create detailed maps of the area to be vacuumed. These technologies enable the machine to clean the surface at the same time, resulting in cleaner floors.

The DreameTech DreameBot L10s Ultra robot is the company’s flagship model and comes equipped with the latest smart cleaning innovations. Its dual rotary mops, auto-emptying dock, and 3D mapping feature make it one of the most efficient cleaning robots on the market. With these new features and many more, the DreameBot L10s Ultra is set to become the hands-free cleaning robot of the future.


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