Did Juicy Leave The Boys Who is Juicy in The Boys?

In this article you’ll learn about the YouTube channel of The Boy along with Did Juicy quit The Boys.

Do you think the Juicy Boys left the band? In this article, we’ll take a brief look at this issue and find out why juicers quit. BOYS is an organization with a diverse membership. They all make gameplay or demo videos. The Boys is a very popular YouTube channel in the US, UK and other countries.

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Briefly about the boys

Boys are usually a disciplined group, often playing or responding to fanfic or TikTok.

There are scenes and skits in his films. He lives in Australia, USA and Australia.

The five “core members” do a lot of work, and they are Reekid (mostly with JoshDub), SwaggerSouls, GabbyGotGames VR (mostly with EddieVR), and YouTube channels that work or exist with Smashing.

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Who’s juicy in the boys?

Gage Gibson, better known as Juicy or Juicy Fruit Snack, is a 23-year-old American YouTuber and content creator. He is a popular and popular team member for their joint sports videos. Other members of the boy band are Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR and JoshDub. They play video games together and interact with each other’s channels.

Juicy has partnered with gaming YouTubers like SwaggerSouls and Crayator. He joined YouTube in 2019 and uploaded various gaming content such as VR gaming skits.

Some of the virtual reality games he has played are Pavlov VR and VR Chat. He often plays VR games with colleagues on the channel’s videos. It is impressive that his channel has amassed 2.67 million subscribers in two years. YouTube got silver and gold play buttons to reach juicy viewers and subscribers.


Joshi started his journey as a YouTuber in 2019 and became popular as he often collaborated with Joshdub. Juicy has been featured in many of Josh’s sports videos, and Josh’s viewers have watched and subscribed to Juicy’s content on his channel. Sokli posted the first video on his channel together with Pavlov VR and colleagues.

Josie created more gaming content and collaborated with other YouTubers. Subscribers loved his humor and video game skills. The games Josie often plays on her channel are virtual reality games like Pavlov VR, VRChat and The Exorcist Legion VR. He was a member of two popular sports teams, the Green Gang and the Boys. Juicy now has two channels about gaming content.

Total value

WadZee’s primary source of revenue is YouTube advertising revenue. Its additional sources of income are sponsors, donations, collaborations, merchandise and more. According to Social Blade, her monthly income ranges from $389K to $6.2K, and her annual income ranges from $4.7K to $74.8K. His monthly income from other channels is $925-14.8K and annual income is $11.1K-177.5K. So, her net worth is $400k.

Private life

No details about his parents, siblings, address, hobbies or anything else. According to her official Instagram handle, she is now dating and not single. His partner’s name is Leo Bevan. He is also a content creator, YouTuber and singer. She participated in a popular singing competition from Sydney, Australia.

Other social medias

Rasili is active on YouTube and other social media platforms as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He has 436K and 219.7K followers on Instagram and Twitter. He is also active on Facebook with 99K followers.

Content on YouTube

Josie runs a total of two YouTube channels and her first channel, which uploads videos related to VR gaming, has 2.67 million subscribers. He posts twice a week and is more active on this channel than any other. It has 166 videos on the first channel and 112 videos on the second channel. Zur Sokly channel has 529K subscribers.

This is the most viewed video on his channel and his funniest VR meme. A game is a recreation room. The video has over 6.9 million views.

This is the most viewed video on his channel and here he is creating content among us. The video has 4.2 million views.

This is the most viewed video on his channel and about his comic style VR game. The game is FNAF VR and he plays with his friends from the “Boys” group. The video has over 3.5 million views.

Did Juicy Leave the Boys?

This news was sought by fans of various juicy and social activities of the young man. This news is sad, but juicy boys are not protected at our level of investigation. Waiting for it to work, all the things reviewed will be posts or comments from people on the web.

Some time later, another controversy arose about suing the Juicy Boys, but this is not definitive and it is part of recent events. So, unless you think someone at the Boise Post is writing about it, ignore the stories. All things considered, we think you’ll recognize the arrangement – did I leave out any juicy boys?

The end

The boys made a name for themselves by being entertaining and very popular. This is the reason for the rumors about the boys. Find out more about boys news and information here.

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