kedarkantha trek


This is a very popular Himalayan trek which is usually preferred by almost every daredevil out there. One of the most attractive things found here is none other than the summit club. Moving through the snowy slopes, the frozen forests, lakes, etc. are such a great experience for all the daredevils out there. This is such a kind of trek that suits beginners, intermediates, and experts. The beautiful and awesome campsites, villages, forests, etc. provide you with such a great experience throughout your trekking.

 This is a kedarkantha  trek that is accessible to you throughout the year, that is, you can access this trek almost in all months except July and August since these months are considered to be the time when heavy rains shower on the parts of Uttarakhand. If you are a daredevil who wishes to do winter trekking, then you need to visit here from December to February. If you like to trek during summer, then you need to visit here during May or June. If you are an autumn lover then mid-September to mid-November is the best time to visit here. If you love to enjoy the marvelous spring, then you need to visit here during March and April time.

In the wintertime:

 the temperature will be from 8 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius during the daytime and in the nighttime, it will drop below, that is between 0 degree Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. In the spring season also, you will have a temperature between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius during the daytime and at night-time, it will drop to 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. The case will be different during the summer season; that is, the temperature will be between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius during the daytime and at night, it will drop below 3 to 8 degrees Celsius. In the autumn season, the temperature will be from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius during the daytime whereas, in the nighttime, it will drop below 0 degrees Celsius and it will go up to -5 degrees Celsius.

On day 1:

 you will be starting your journey from Dehradun. You need to cover a distance of 200 km, which will take approximately 11 hours of driving. From the Gaichawan Gaon, you will be kick-starting your trek. From there you will be going through the Naitwar barrier which is a place where you need to provide government ID proof to make your entry. You will reach Sankri which is a place near the village. It is in the Mori district, which is a place well known for its apple cultivation. You can stay here and there is a base camp available for you. There are places in which you will be receiving food as well. 

On the second day:

you will be going to Julota from Gaichawan. This is a trek that requires nearly 6 hours for trekking 6 km. You will be able to witness the uniqueness of this place by knowing more about their culture and also by seeing the architecture in Haltwar. Many pine trees, as well as oak trees, are present there which will make your path very attractive. The villages that you pass by are the Suchan Gaon and Dargar Gaon. These are unique with their own cultures. The architecture, lifestyle, and everything makes these villages unique in every aspect. Do not miss visiting the Haltwar, which is very famous for its Kath-Khuni architecture. You will also pass through the Rupin valley as well. You will receive food items on the way, and you can also refill your water bottles and keep yourself hydrated. This is a place that is very close to nature, and you will feel that even by listening to the chirping of birds. On the way, you will find the Rhododendrons and the maple trees.

Your third day’s

 journey will be to Pukhrola which needs around 4 hours to trek 4 km. Throughout the journey, you will be witnessing the oak trees. You will be able to pass through the Shiun Ka Thatch and Moru Ka Thatch. You can try various dishes like Siddu, Pua, etc. The places are filled with Rhododendrons and if you visit this place in the winter season then it will be frozen. The sunset from here is very special. Do not miss that!

On the 4th day

you will be visiting the Akhoti Thatch. You will be passing through the Kedarkantha summit. This journey needs 8 hours of trekking. This summit is covered with majestic mountains and serene valleys. You will be passing through the Rupin valley, Har ki Dun, Chainsheel pass, etc. Mt. Swargarohini, Mt. Kalanagh, etc. are yet other sights that you will witness here. You can have your lunch from Phukrola. You will be mesmerized by passing through the walnut trees.

Day five 

It is only dedicated to returning to Gaichawan from Akhoti Thatch which will take 5 hours. You will be passing through the Rhododendron forest. You will be welcomed by the oak trees as well. On the final day, that is, day 6, you will be returning to Dehradun and from there to your hometown with lots of memories.


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