BTS Member’s Birthday Dates


Do you want to know the birthdays of every BTS member?

Here, we’ve detailed the birthdays and ages of the following BTS members:

  1. J-hope
  2. V
  3. Jimin
  4. Jin
  5. SUGA
  6. Jung Kook
  7. RM

The first South Korean band to accomplish this level of success was BTS. One of the largest fanbases in the world is their so-called “ARMY.” If you could break down the band name, it would be “Bangtan Sonyeondan” in Korean, which is equivalent to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in English.

They were the first Korean boy band to have international popularity, especially in the US. In the United States alone, they sold more than 32 million records as of November 2021, according to Wikipedia.

Everyone wants to know who they are with this success bag they achieved over a decade of music! We are here to tell about BTS Members Birthday Dates to explain everything about them. Without further delay, let’s start our musical journey.

J-Hope             18th February 1994    (28 years)

V                      30th December 1995  (27 years)

Jimin               13th October 1995      (27 years)

Jin                    4th December 1992    (30 years)

SUGA               9th March 1993          (29 years)

Jung kook       1st September 1997    (25 years)

RM                  12th September 1994 (28 years)

BTS Member Jung Kook – The band’s primary vocalist, Jung Kook, is 25 years old. The newest band member, Jung Kook, joined when he was 15 years old.Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, and is currently 27 years old. He is the boy band’s lead vocalist. At the age of 18, the vocalist joined the band in 2012, bringing ten years of.

Recording Breaking the Year 2022:

The year 2022 set new records.

More than 25 Guinness World Records have been won by BTS. In 2022, BTS set many Guinness World Records, including breaking their record for “Dynamite” with “Butter.” Below is a list of only a few of the 2022 records.

V by BTS broke two records in just over five hours. One for having acquired 1 million Instagram followers in the quickest time ever—43 minutes. The second award was for achieving 10 million Instagram followers the quickest (4 hrs 52 min).

The most popular musical act on Twitter,

The most popular musical group on Instagram,

The most popular musical group on TikTok.

 Most Twitter interactions (retweets on average) for a musical group (a record that they have topped four times)

“Butter” broke five records, including the most streamed song on Spotify in the first 24 hours and the most views for a music video on YouTube in 24 hours (756,000)

 In the Billboard Music Awards 2022, the group made history by winning three more prizes than any other group or duet.

BTS has received 483 awards from a total of 692 nominations.

BTS has a really valuable brand. The band reportedly contributes more than $3.9 billion to the South Korean economy, according to data.

According to the Hyundai Research Institute, approximately 800,000 travelers visit South Korea each year as a result of BTS. And if that weren’t enough, the septet could produce an economic worth of $39 billion over the following ten years by bringing in $3.9 billion a year!


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