5 Expensive Jewellery items people love to own in London

Jewelry is loved by everyone. Among a huge variety of jewelry, some items take a special place and people love to have them in their wardrobes. Some of the jewelry that people like to own are listed below. 

Diamond Necklace

Women in London are obsessed with expensive diamond necklaces. Beautifully designed diamond necklaces look gorgeous. This is the primary reason for the popularity of necklaces among the women of London. Be it a simple and thin necklace or a gorgeous and heavy necklace, it’s a must-have jewelry every woman of London desires to keep in their wardrobe. A few types of such popular necklaces are:

Collar necklaces 

These are a great choice when you are wearing off-shoulder or tube dresses. Collar necklaces sit gorgeously around your collar area.
Charms- Charms reveal a bold statement and boldly express your personality. 
The average length of Charms necklace is 24 inches. 

Princess necklaces

As their name suggests these necklaces display royalty. Featuring shimmering stones in various shapes and sizes which lead down to a drop-dead gorgeous piece.


These necklaces are essentially made up of precious or semi-precious gemstones that are together strung with close dimensions. These incredible pieces of art can be worn with any dress preferably strapless or V-neck dresses.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are desired by every woman irrespective of the place they live in. There would hardly be any woman on this Earth who would refuse to own a diamond ring even if they can afford one or two. Diamond rings enhance the personality of every woman and bring confidence in themselves. Just a single diamond ring can change a woman’s attire, look making her look classier and more attractiveSapphire engagement rings are also popular in London. A huge variety of diamond rings are available in jewelry stores. Some of them are 

Solitaire ring

Among all the diamond rings, a solitaire is the most classy and evergreen style of ring which shall never get faded. A solitaire ring has a single diamond that weighs more than 0.30 carats attached to the band of the ring through prongs. 

Diamond halo ring

In a diamond halo ring, the diamond is surrounded by tiny diamonds. 
Diamond Pave ring- Pave rings are one of the most beautiful rings. Melee diamonds are paved around the band of the ring. 


Diamond bracelets are one of the preferred jewelry of the women of London. Bracelet is jewelry that adds a touch of elegance. Bracelets do not let your wrist feel empty. Many varieties of bracelets are available from sleek bracelets to thick and wide bracelets. People with slim hands prefer thin bracelets whereas thick bracelets look beautiful on strong and wide hands. Some popular kinds of bracelets in London are tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, link bracelets, chain bracelets, and many more kinds. 


Earrings are a hot favourite of every woman across the world. You might not see bracelets or rings on every woman but earrings are something all women have. For this jewelry, every woman’s ears are pierced at a very early age so that they can wear earrings. A huge variety of earrings are available in the market, from studs to loop earrings, dangles, and drop earrings. Usually, gold metals are preferred by earrings and are worn by most women. 


Pendants are also loved by the women of London. Among all the pendants, the most preferred pendants are gemstone pendants as they provide a royal look to every woman. Pendants made of diamond or huge solitaire diamonds are expensive.
These were the five expensive jewelry items loved by the people of London. Hatton Gardens Jewellers have an incredible variety of the above-mentioned jewelry for you to select from.

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