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Everything You Need To Know About Making Your Packaging A Blockbuster Hit!

Are you looking for custom food packaging Toronto? Awesome! You are in a good spot. Pack your freshly baked pizza, patties, bread, cake, and donuts in our premium quality boxes.

You can bank on iCustomBoxes if you love experimenting with unique and creative box styles. In stores, we have die-cut, sleeve, two-piece, tuck front, and pillow-shaped packaging. Moreover, we tailor all the boxes as per the client’s requirements in desired colors, sizes, and designs. Our team never compromises on the practicality and taste of the boxes.

The best part of our packaging? It provides excellent protection to the yummy food items against damage. With our properly sealed boxes, there is no chance of contamination, sunlight exposure, or moisture. In other words, we design packages that enhance the shelf life of the food items. Therefore take a deep breath and enjoy your baking sessions with our meticulously designed boxes.

In this blog, we have gathered a bunch of valuable tips to make your product packaging Toronto drool-worthy. Are you ready? Come on, let us get started.

Well Laminated Boxes

What is the first thing foodaholics notice about the custom bakery boxes Toronto? 

Are they durable enough to extend the lifespan of baked items?

The truth is our earth’s temperature is accelerating at an exponential rate. And it is putting our planet and us under significant threat. More or less, every sector is bearing the brunt of global warming. Whether it’s tourism, food, apparel, or the electronic industry, all are equally affected.

But the food industry is always associated with high contamination risks and spoilage. Unfortunately, due to substandard packaging, food lovers frequently complain about the following.

• Stale food

• Loss of flavor and aroma

• Hard and dry bakery items

• Soggy and mushy food items

To address the above issues, focus on every aspect of packaging. Therefore well-laminated boxes are a no-brainer. It increases the strength of the boxes, ensures safe transportation, protects against external factors and prevents the loss of food quality. Wow, that’s amazing!

At iCustomBoxes, you name the surface coating, and we have it. The aqueous coating does wonder if you are looking for an eco-friendly coating with full coverage. It is water-based, quickly dries out and makes the boxes 100 times more resistant. There is zero chance of crumbled, wrinkled or torn-apart packaging. Since it is applied all over the boxes, it makes the distribution and storage process hassle-free. And the best part is that it keeps the food hot and crispy, thus preventing it from getting soggy.

Properly Labelled Packaging

Proper labelling is the heart and soul of the packaging. Unfortunately, most food brands don’t consider this and end up shrinking the circle of the loyal customers.

If you want to make your food packaging Toronto the talk of the town, never skimp on the labels. It looks great, represents your brand accurately, and hooks food lovers from several feet away. We recommend that the font of the printed labels should be readable and prominent against the background without hurting the eyes.

Do you want to give your brand a professional look and stand out from the competition? The custom-printed labels are a must-have.

There is always a lot of food information to add to the boxes—for example, the nutritional chart, expiration date, health benefits, side effects, and pricing. Hence proper utilization of the space is a big win for all. It is noteworthy that labels are the best way to communicate your brand’s mission and value to the audience. To make your brand relatable and popular, incorporate relevant food information.

You can either fully label the product packaging Toronto from head to toe or print a tiny strip on them- it’s your take!

Innovative Ideas

Jillions of bakeries are running in Canada, delighting food lovers with mouthwatering items. As a result, it puts the competitors under tremendous pressure to impress the customers. Do you know that yummylicious items are not enough to win the race? There is a lot that goes into making your brand THE big thing!

It is admitted that customers admire innovative and thought-provoking packaging. Now it is up to the brands how they maximize the potential of customized boxes. Whether you want to tell your brand’s story or communicate an environmental message, our printing experts are good to go.

Since we all know of the alarming levels of global warming, the brands can capitalize on this chance and make a difference with informative taglines and illustrations. It will attract customers, build a positive brand image, and increase annual sales.

It is time to unleash the potential of customized product packaging Toronto with our experts. Take your business to an unimaginable level of success with our out-of-the-box ideas.

Flawless Boxes

Do you want to throw a birthday bash for your son? Want custom bakery boxes Toronto to pack the yummy goodies? Welcome to iCustomBoxes.

The concept of customized packaging is beautiful. It’s protective, original, stylish, durable, yet flexible. But at times, the wrong-sized box is a big disaster for your brand. No kid likes to have donuts, cakes, and cupcakes in an oversized box. It occupies more space, smudges the frosting, and overall ruins the unboxing venture.

Our in-house team believes in crafting flawless and spotless boxes. Everything must be picture perfect, from paper material, box size, printing quality, and add-ons. 

Since we know that the sustainable movement reduces the ever-increasing landfill, a fantastic combo of accurate-sized boxes and planet-friendly material is a big feather in our cap!

Eye-Catching Box Colors

Bold and attractive custom food packaging Toronto is the best way to hook food lovers. Without an iota of doubt, experimenting with colors makes your brand go places. Customized packaging has revolutionized to a great extent, and that’s a big achievement on our part. The brands have started to exit out of their comfort shell and try new things.

In the past, the confectionery industry utilized standard colors for packing and showcasing food items at exhibitions, food stalls, and food counters. Yes, you guessed it right. The food shelves were full of white and brown colored boxes. 

But now things have changed a lot. And the credit goes to both the manufacturers and the buyers. Now, buyers have many options like red, green, blue, black, and turquoise-colored boxes. That’s awesome!

At iCustomBoxes, we design the boxes for farewell parties, birthday bashes, or graduation ceremonies per your specifications. And if you want to share your artwork with us, you are most welcome. Our supremely talented in-house team is always at your service if you wish to design assistance, the best price, eco-safe material, creative packaging, or a 3D review of the boxes.


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