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Incorporate Six Amazing Tips To Feature Your Brand As The Best Custom Cigarette Box Brand

Are you tired of finding the best empty cigarette boxes packaging? Welcome to the miracle land of iCustomBoxes. It is admitted that it is quite tiresome for newbie brands to nail their presence in the tobacco industry. Big shots like Marlboro, Dun Hill, and Camel have ruled the billion-dollar market for decades. Everything is amazing, from their box style, color, and material.

Smokers recognize their all time-favorite brands because of the consistent packaging. The signature logo design and the color combo make the brand shine bright on the tobacco shelves.

Do you want your brand to be the next megastar? Perfect! We have collected interesting tips if you want to make no blunders in your packaging.

Design Precisely Sized Boxes

Have you ever noticed the structural design of the ciggy? Do you think it is a good idea to pack the tobacco wraps in an elephant-sized box? Emphatic NO.

At iCustomBoxes, we tailor cigarette boxes wholesale exactly as per your requirement. We craft the right-sized boxes if you love two-piece, dispenser, or sleeve packaging. Our boxes are perfect for tightly holding ten or twenty cigarettes. The right-sized box offers a plethora of benefits.

• Prevents the bumping and scattering of the tobacco fillings

• No more squeezing or pressing of the cigarettes

• Custom blank cardboard cigarette boxes perfectly slide into the handbag or a wallet

Flexible Box Style

It is weird if the custom cigarette packaging is hard to open and close. Imagine sitting with your best buddies, and you cannot open the box. It is super embarrassing and ruins everyone’s mood. Therefore we ensure that the boxes are functional, flexible, and easy to use.

If the packaging creates a hassle for the buyers, it is a disaster. We aim to shun the concepts of complicated and excessive packaging. It damages our planet and the brand reputation, and thus it results in losing potential buyers.

High-Quality Packaging

We are super proud of our material specialists on board. We never let go of the quality, no matter the box style, dimension, or color. And for that purpose, we focus on utilizing eco-friendly materials (kraft and cardboard). It is amazing to discover that sustainable material is power packed with the following qualities

• 100% recyclable

• Lightweight

• Durable

• Shipped flat and super easy to assemble

• Offers great customization options

• Reduces the GHG emission levels

Moreover, our quality assurance team is vigilant in thoroughly checking the nitty gritty of the packaging. We never dispatch orders that our misprinted or crumbled. In other words, if the packaging doesn’t meet our standard criteria, we move back to square one.

For us, the customer’s contentment is priceless; thus, our team is always on the go!

Experimental Designs

The truth is nowadays, customers easily get bored with monotonous packaging. They are always looking for thrilling and creative ideas. Whether it is the cosmetic, apparel, electronic, or food industry, they can’t go with repetitive and boring designs. There comes a time when the customers eventually switch off to better options.

And the same goes for the tobacco industry. If you want to give a new flavor to your boxes, explore our website at the drop of a hat. We have sleeve packaging to give the cigarettes a royal and exclusive touch. The structural design of the two-piece box effortlessly depicts class and functionality under one roof. On top of that, you can easily carry it in a purse or wallet.

But if you want to eliminate the hassle of tucking the flaps in and out, our tuck front boxes rock! All you need is to place the pack of cigarettes in the box and open the front flap. There is no sliding, pulling, or fixing of the flaps. Isn’t that amazing?

Use Of Custom Inserts

It is time to give a red carpet look to the blank cardboard cigarette boxes with our customized inserts. We believe no one can turn a blind eye to well-aligned tobacco wraps in a row. We are very particular when it comes to inserts and don’t want to disrupt the class of the packaging.

Therefore, you are free to pick the inserts’ color, thickness, and size. It adds structural strength to the packaging and prevents the crushing of the ciggy. Moreover, the separators are good if you want to brag about your brand at tobacco stores. Undoubtedly it makes the packaging visually appealing 100 times.

Relevant Packaging

At iCustomBoxes, there is no room for funny and stupid packaging. The boxes should speak volumes about the enclosed item. And the customers should instantly connect with your brand instead of figuring out what it is. It means that the box style, theme, and color should perfectly harmonize with the cigarettes.

The cigarette boxes wholesale should look like one.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, customized packaging houses immense power to take your brand to the next level. It is a powerful branding tool that connects with the audience, reflects your brand vision, and convinces smokers to make a purchase.

But one needs to add authentic and relevant cigarette information on the boxes. Packaging that lacks warning labels, powerful imagery, and potential harm doesn’t qualify as the best packaging. Therefore if you want your brand to look confident, never hesitate to add a credible and useful product description.

In a nutshell, iCustomBoxes is power packed with effective packaging solutions. Make a comeback in the ever-green industry with our instant yet long-lasting pro packaging tips. We offer reasonable rates, the best material, beautiful add-ons, free 3D samples, 100% money refund. Join our customization club and enjoy doorstep delivery of blank cigarette boxes packaging.  


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