What is Mini Pleat HEPA Filter? Why Consider Investing in it? 

Mini pleat HEPA filters are one type of HEPA filter, which can filter 0.3 microns or less suspended particles in the air. With super line fiberglass as the media, it is separated by hot melt adhesive and fiberglass thread, sealed by new PU sealant. 

It is made of waterproof pleated glass fiber paper media with an aluminum alloy frame to increase the filter area. Mini pleat HEPA filtersare used when there is a need for a high level of purity. They are designed as intake filters for clean workbenches and low turbulence displacement flow. 

Introduction to Mini Pleat HEPA Filter 

Microfine fiberglass is fully pleated to produce filter packs of different sizes. The individual folds are spaced by fused plastic threads and lend the required stability to filter packs. 

This pleated filter can take out the finest of particles and remove 65% to 98% of all airborne matter. It uses special media designed to capture small and large particles with minimal airflow restriction. This filter has an average of over 5 times as much surface area as other pleated filters. The increased surface area means better filtering capabilities and a longer life span. 

It is designed for areas like hospitals, air purifier filter, computer clean rooms, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry. They are mainly used for high cleanliness required equipment, and terminal outlets because of high efficiency, low resistance, large air volume, and small size. 


  • Low initial pressure drop and high dust-holding capacity 
  • Filters available, pocket/bag type filters, pre-filters, fine filters, and mini pleat HEPA filters 
  • High-quality micro-fiber glass paper 
  • PU-based sealant and neoprene rubber gasket 
  • Extruded aluminum castings 
  • Large filtration area and long life 
  • Made with the highest standards 

Deep Pleated HEPA Filter vs Mini Pleated HEPA Filter 

Deep pleated filters have layers that allow filters to manage particles better. Mini pleat filters, on the other hand, have fewer layers and are prone to blocking up faster due to finer media. It is used to capture dust particles of 0.5 um or below, comprised of filter media and frame.  

  • Media – Deep pleated HEPA filter media made of superfine fiberglass, separated with paper or aluminum foil. Mini pleated HEPA filter media made with hot-melt adhesive and frame can be aluminum and heat-resistant. It is lightweight, more compact structure, and easy to carry. 
  • Application – Deep pleated filter is mainly used for hospitals, precision machinery, food, semiconductor production, etc. because of heat resistance. Mini pleat HEPA filter is used for high cleanliness and terminal outlets. 

When properly taken care of, mini pleats can reduce allergy-causing particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander. Keep your home and office clean with mini pleat HEPA. This filter is not only designed to protect from harmful particulates in the air but also to keep your space cleaner by reducing particles in the air. 


During the devastating phase of COVID-19, fresh air quality has become a crucial factor to maintain health and safety. This has increased the demand for air purifiers and HEPA filters, available in different sizes and with high filtration efficiency. The next step is to choose the right supplier for air filters that meets your precise requirements. 


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