What is Mendix – A Comprehensive Guide to the Mendix Platform


Mendix is a high-productivity application development platform that allows you to create and constantly improve web and mobile apps at scale. This low-code development solution expedites enterprise application delivery across the entire development lifecycle. The Mendix platform is listed as one of the best and most popular low-code development platforms, with a 4.5-star rating in more than 200 ratings.

This low-code platform allows you to implement DevOps and agile best practices. Also, it is model-driven and features robust communication and collaboration tools. As a result, developers can involve other stakeholders in the application development process, leading to a better end product.

What Does Mendix Offer?

Mendix supports both low-code and no-code tooling in one fully integrated development platform. 

  • Low code. Mendix solutions offers a powerful and extensive desktop-based visual application-modeling studio tailored for professional developers. Also, it can be customized with coding Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to expand capabilities.
  • No code. Mendix offers a web-based visual application-modeling studio customized to fit business domain experts. 

The outcome of this low-code and no-code combination is that various business domain experts, such as citizen developers and analysts, can work closely with seasoned developers to attain higher levels of business alignment and hastened application delivery. What’s more, the Mendix platform’s automation tools and cloud-based architecture support the management, deployment, and monitoring of significantly available enterprise-grade apps. 

Mendix Core Principles

Mendix enterprise app development platform is based on three core principles underlying every feature. They include: 

  1. Speed. 

In the ever-changing business environment, IT backlogs are common. To address this problem, apps and software must be developed faster. Speed is at the core of the Mendix platform. This low-code development solution integrates advanced features, such as prebuilt components and AI-assisted development, to support faster application delivery.

  1. Collaboration

The software development talent gap is growing fast. Teaching more individuals to code is not likely to solve this issue because the gap is increasing exponentially. As a result, there is a need to involve as much audience as possible in app development. 

The solution to a better and faster delivery is collaboration. And fortunately, the Mendix platform is equipped with advanced collaboration tools to help bring people with great ideas together with those with technical capabilities to implement the ideas. With that comes exceptional results in terms of app development and bridges the gap between IT and business stakeholders. 

  1. Control 

When building enterprise-grade applications, you need to control who has access to what features based on their roles. This is because there are many moving parts and more people access different aspects of the app during development. 

The Mendix platform focuses on delivering enterprise-grade applications while offering governance at every level. With advanced low-code governance tools, Mendix guarantees safe, effective, and compliant use of the platform. Besides, access rights are granted based on user roles. Therefore, the system administrator has control over and insights into every aspect of the software development lifecycle. 

How the Mendix Platform Supports Each Application Lifecycle Step

As initially stated, Mendix helps you accelerate the application development lifecycle. Here is a comprehensive guide to how it supports every step:

Ideation and Requirement Development

In this step, Mendix offers a developer portal that allows a new way of solving issues and fosters requirements development. This portal supports advanced agile capabilities, like user story and sprint management and integrated feedback management through embedded widgets that allow final users to deliver feedback directly within the app. This enclosed feedback loop lets the developers quickly solve business issues and queries, fostering rapid iteration. 

Development and Testing

After ideation, the next step is executing the ideas into functional applications. So, how does Mendix support this step? Well, this low-code development platform uses visual modeling languages and drag-and-drop functionality to build apps. Also, the platform is perfectly designed for various users thanks to its robust capabilities to help citizens and expert developers with their day-to-day activities. For instance:

  • Developers with technical programming expertise can utilize the Mendix Studio Pro with JavaScript and Java to build and extend applications.
  • Business developers and analysts can use Mendix Studio to develop, collaborate, and review applications.
  • Final users executing the acceptance tests can utilize the application along with the Mendix Feedback Widget. The feedback delivered is directly linked to the developer portal, allowing the product owner to see, validate, and review it. 
  • Scrum masters and product owners can utilize the Mendix developer portal to administer user requirements, sprint backlogs, and end-user feedback.

Mendix supports visual development from start to end. As a result, it ensures that customers and other stakeholders are engaged and that the requirement aligns with the business goals throughout the development lifecycle. What’s more, all models are extensible to ensure that developers don’t get stuck.

The Mendix platform offers developers a robust toolset to establish effective quality assurance using test automation, like Application Quality Monitor (AQM). This integrated automated quality control tool monitors your application quality during operation. It provides a dashboard with instant insights into the app models’ quality and the appropriate granularity of microservices and applications.  

Deployment and Operations

The Mendix Platform offers all the cloud deployment choices and is 100% optimized for compatibility. Therefore, it supports the latest technologies and cloud platforms. Deploying and managing your Mendix application in the Mendix cloud is simple, flexible, and fast. 

The Mendix Cloud supports one-click deployment of applications on-premises or to any cloud environment. Simply put, this platform allows development teams to adopt the DevOps way of operation. Therefore, a single unit can build, manage, and support applications in production while following enterprise requirements.

Final Thought

The Mendix low-code business solution is transforming how we build applications. It’s a top productivity application development platform that allows you to create and endlessly improve web and mobile apps at scale. This revolutionary platform is governed by three core principles, speed, collaboration, and control. It supports every step of the development lifecycle, helping you achieve faster and more efficient enterprise applications. 

Try Mendix today to accelerate your enterprise application development.  

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