Offset Shower Enclosure and Offset Shower Tray- A Match Made in Heaven

Offset Shower Tray

Unless you are planning to install a wet room or walk-in shower, an enclosure almost always needs a shower tray. Since shower cubicles come in various shapes, the shower trays have to be the same shape to fully fit into the space available. For example, an offset shower tray is suitable for fitting with an offset quadrant shower enclosure. These have the same shape as an enclosure with one long end and curvy frontage. But it is crucial what features to look for while installing the shower tray. 

In this article, we will provide you with information about it. 

What Is an Offset Shower Tray and Why Do You Need One?

So, you have ordered an offset shower enclosure. Then you may also have to order an offset shower tray to fit in its base. Your installation can not start without it. Sometimes you get it as a part of a package or otherwise will have to place the order for the one.  If you’re looking for a stylish and space-saving solution for your shower, an offset tray is a great option. These have designs that fit into the corner of a room and offer ample standing space in the showering area. 

There are many different materials in which this tray is available on the market. So, you’re sure to find one that matches the design of your bathroom. Plus, these are available in a range of sizes and colours. So, you can easily find one that fits your needs. When shopping for an offset shower tray, be sure to consider the size of your bathroom and the style of your decor. 

Offset Shower Trays Provide a Sturdy Foundation for Your Shower Enclosure

Though shower trays look like an ordinary part of a shower enclosure installation, it is very important for these to be of high quality. It is because these trays provide a sturdy foundation to stand on a firm surface. In addition to that, it is what is the base of an offset enclosure. The whole structure of the cubicle builds around it. Therefore, when installing an enclosure, it is the first thing that should fit into the space. 

 When you install an offset shower enclosure, you will need a shower tray. Because it provides a robust and level surface upon which to build a shower enclosure. Shower trays come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all types of bathrooms, and they can be easily installed by a qualified builder or plumber. 

Shower trays are usually made from strong materials such as acrylic, stone or ceramic, which can withstand the weight of the shower enclosure and any water pressure that may be exerted on it. A good quality offset shower tray will also have a smooth surface to prevent any water leaks, and it should be easy to clean and maintain. By installing a shower tray, you can be sure that your shower enclosure will have a solid and level foundation on which to stand.

They Make It Easier to Clean the Shower Enclosure and Keep It Looking New

A shower tray is a raised platform that is placed at the bottom of a shower enclosure. The purpose of the tray is to contain water and prevent it from running onto the floor outside the shower. Shower trays come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be made from different materials such as stone, marble, or ceramic. 

Many people decide to install an offset tray because it makes it easier to keep the shower clean. The raised platform helps to contain any water that splashes outside the shower area, making it less likely that mold or mildew will grow. In addition, a shower tray can also help to extend the life of your shower enclosure by protecting the floor from water damage.

Easier Water Drainage and Concealing Pipework

The humble shower tray is often overlooked, but it plays an important role in the bathroom. Not only does it provide a stable base for your shower, but it also helps to conceal unsightly pipework. In addition, offset shower trays can be used to create a wet room effect, by raising the level of the shower floor. This can give the illusion of more space, as well as make it easier to clean. You must get measurements of your bathroom before placing an order for an offset tray. 

Smaller bathrooms may benefit from a corner shower tray, while larger wet rooms may require a more substantial Tray former. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be a shower tray that is perfect for your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to install an offset shower enclosure, then what you will be required is an offset shower tray. The advantages it offers include the solid surface to stand in the enclosure, easier water draining, prevention of the water from seeping out the shower area, easier cleaning etc. These come in different materials, where acrylic is sturdy as well as economical. That’s why you find them easily available in the market.  


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