8 Best Games That Fans Of Junji Ito’s Media Should Try


Fans of Junji Ito’s works will enjoy these games a lot.

People say that Junji Ito is the master of horror. His works have been turned into games, movies, and other forms of media, with some titles being very popular. Many of the games based on his stories have graphics and plots that pay tribute to his work.

On January 19, 2023, Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre started to stream on Netflix. This meant that both new and old fans could watch voiced and animated versions of his scary manga. Since many game creators and developers have used and been inspired by Junji Ito’s works, there are some interesting games that players can check out if they want to see more.

World of Horror

The video game World of Horror is based on a manga by Junji Ito. If you like scary and macabre comics, you have to play this rogue-lite RPG with detailed and scary pixel art. It says that it was influenced by the works of Junji Ito and H.P.

The apocalypse is looming, and the protagonists must solve puzzles and mysteries in the town of SThe end of the world is coming, and the main characters must solve puzzles and mysteries in the town of Shiokawa as they try to stop the Old Gods from coming back to life. The game will come out in the second or third quarter of 2023.


Markiplier played Nextdoor as part of his Scary Games! Series on YouTube. He was inspired by Junji Ito’s book Mimi’s Ghost Stories. Games like Hello Neighbor feature creepy neighbors as a common game trope.

The theme that mirrors the horrors of Junji Ito is the creepy woman in black that the MC spies on. The The creepy woman in black that the main character (MC) watches is a theme that ties into the horrors of Junji Ito. The creepy skin-crawling imagery has some body horror and maybe even arachnophobia in it, making the villain quite scary. Nextdoor is a short game with a big punch from Junji Ito.

Ghost In The Pool

JManga by Junji Ito are known for their creepy comic art style. Ghost in the Pool is based on Junji Ito’s manga and is made in the style of the original horror manga series. It is a visual novel with a Japanese comic style.

Yaru is a student that finds herself accepted to a prestigious school for gifted students. Because she got in Yaru is a student who gets into a prestigious school for talented students. Yaru is having trouble with her schoolwork because she was given a swimming scholarship. She goes to the school pool after school hours to try to improve herself. At first, she doesn’t believe the rumors about a ghostly presence. But rationality can’t even begin to explain what goes on at the school pool.

The Doll Shop

Episode 11 of the Netflix show Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre had a story called “Headless Statue.” The episode made dolls and puppets seem even scarier, and The Doll Shop gives off a similar creepy vibe.

In Japan, where the game takes place, a dollmaker lives in a small village. The dollmaker makes and fixes dolls for people in the village, but she lives alone and isn’t close to anyone else. When a woman comes to the village, she catches the eye of the doll maker. As doll parts are found around the village and the story of a missing little girl is looked into, the fate of the young woman and the dollmaker become linked.

Tomie GB

This fan-made game is based on the Tomie manga by Junji Ito. A demo of Chapter 1 has been put up on itch.io. Tomie is dead, and her body parts are all over the place. The demo starts at Tomie’s funeral, where the MC walks around and finds information and a mysterious package. Later, the students are told about the dangers that happened to Tomie, and then, out of nowhere, Tomie shows up.

Everyone else would be shocked, but Tomie just says she’s sorry for being late. The demo will end soon, and the person who made it is working on making more content. Games like this one made by fans show how much Junji Ito is liked.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kijima, who made the very popular Metal Gear game series, has given Junji Ito and his latest manga, Sensor, high marks. Hideo Kijima wrote a foreword for the manga, and the scary post-apocalyptic game Death Stranding has Junji Ito in it.

Death Stranding added an NPC named The Engineer, who is Junji Ito, to help players make the Power Skeleton. His cameo in the game is fun for his fans and fans of the work he and Hideo Kajima would have done on the Silent Hills game that never came out.


Body horror is used very well in Junji Ito’s manga to make some very sickening stories. Scorn, which came out in 2022, is one of the most disturbing games about the human body. The first-person shooter game is based on the work of H.R. Giger, so it has grotesque changes to the human body. However, it is a must-play for people who like the body horror in Junji Ito’s manga.

The main character in Scorn is infected by a parasite that lets them interact with the gory alien world around them after the first main character dies quickly. The main character gets infected and needs to get rid of it. The story of the game is about how the main character interacts with and gets rid of the infection.

Tokyo Dark

Kazuki Tanaka, Detective Ito Ayami’s partner, has gone missing, so she goes looking for him. What should be a simple, straightforward case turns into a nightmare for Ayami, with 11 different ways it could end. Under the streets of Japan, Ayami looks for him by finding out about supernatural things that happen there.

Players have to keep an eye on a sanity meter and make hard decisions that will have a big impact on the story of Ayami and Tanaka. Slope Game has more than one ending, and each one explores different ideas about sanity, mental health, drug use, and the supernatural. A re-release for consoles called “Remembrance” is in the works.


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