Explainer Videos: Why You Should Hire a Pro Voice Actor for Yours

Pro Voice Actor

The internet gets flooded with hundreds of videos every second. However, many of those videos are of no value. Though, one thing we can not deny is the rising demand for videos.

A study predicts 80% of the total internet traffic to be videos by 2022. Nowadays, tiktok voice over is more and more popular. You are missing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not harnessing the power of videos. There are many types of explainer videos that can help you achieve your goal.

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page.

What Do Professional Voice Actors Bring to the Table?

Unlike employees who may or may not have experience performing or speaking in public, professional voice actors are dedicated to the craft.

They’ve honed their skills for a wide range of projects including commercials, animated movies and TV shows, dubs, public service announcements, video games, and more along with explainer videos.

Some actors focus on informative rather than dramatic content.

Even if the voice actor doesn’t have as much experience with the topic of the video, they’ll probably be able to communicate it more effectively than the average employee with a little information.

It’s hard to conceptualize the difference between an average voice recording and a voice over recorded by a professional actor.


That gap starts with their equipment, which ensures a clear recording that emphasizes the speaker’s voice while eliminating background noise and reverberation.

A professional voice actor will use a high-quality audio interface, a proper microphone and an acoustically treated recording environment, ensuring excellent audio quality.

Of course, most companies don’t want to invest in sound equipment for a single explainer video, so it’s typically more cost-effective to work with a professional.

When you hire a voice actor, you won’t have to worry about setting aside a room for recording or auditioning different staff members to see who has the best cadence.

You also won’t have to deal with any imperfections that could make the explainer video look less professional. In other words, professional voice actors remove the guesswork by giving you a reliably excellent product.


Clear speech can make a recording easier to understand, but it won’t make listeners more interested on its own.

Voice overs also need to have an engaging and charismatic tone that draws audiences in and makes them curious about the content of the video.

Someone with voice acting experience can match the style you’re looking for and effectively promote your brand while providing an explanation.

Just as internal communications often suffer from a lack of clarity, they can also appear boring and dry in comparison to a professionally recorded voice over.

Persuasively speaking about something is an entirely different skill from understanding its function in a professional setting.

Most viewers only give videos a few seconds before deciding whether to continue, so it’s vital to create a strong first impression that motivates the audience to learn more.

They’ll also help you give off a more unique image, generating positive associations and increasing trust in your brand.

The example below illustrates the importance of developing engaging explainer videos.

While it moves at a brisk pace and explains the key reasons to use the platform, it does so in a narrative format that makes the benefits seem more relatable. The voice actor’s unique cadence is crucial to the overall effect.


Clarity isn’t the only skill voice actors have to develop, but clear speech and perfect enunciation is foundational to successful voice over work.

This is even more relevant for explainer videos in which actors often describe complicated products, features, or processes to an audience with less experience.

Every explainer video should be easy for viewers to follow regardless of how much they know about the topic.

Good voice actors have experience delivering clear and comprehensible content on a wide range of subjects.

Once they take a look at the script and familiarize themselves with the topic, they’ll be ready to communicate it in a way that makes the video easier for viewers to understand. And they know how to become a good narrator.

It will also be easier for your audience to relate to an actor who doesn’t have professional experience on the topic and is therefore speaking from a similar perspective.


Explainer videos are primarily informative, but that doesn’t mean they need to be dry or boring.

An effective speaker moves through complicated sections clearly and succinctly while injecting some personality and getting viewers more interested in the topic.

With that in mind, it isn’t always enough to simply understand the topic well or be able to explain it in a technical or professional sense.

Like the video above, the one below walks through the advantages of the service while telling a story.

The voice actor has to balance narrative momentum with the nuts and bolts of Docusign and how it can make life easier for individual users.

This is also done in a way that matches the company’s ideal tone and cultivates a positive brand image.

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