Double Taper Roller Bearing – Types and Applications

Discover your bearings! Find out about the different types of double taper roller bearings and see how they’ve been used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and industrial.

What is a Double Taper Bearing?

A double taper roller bearing is a type of bearing that has two sets of outward-facing, tapered surfaces. This design allows the bearing to rotate more easily in both directions and makes it a popular option for applications where motion is required in both the x- and y-directions. Double taper bearings are most commonly used in machines and equipment that require smooth, constant movement.

There are three main types of double taper bearings: spherical, hybrid, and roller.

Spherical bearings are the simplest type of double taper bearing and they use two spherical rollers to provide smooth, continuous motion. Hybrid bearings use a combination of spherical and cylindrical rollers to give you the best of both worlds – better performance in the x-direction and less friction in the y-direction. Roller bearings use two sets of cylindrical rollers to provide even smoother movement.

Types of Double Taper Bearings

Double taper bearings are a type of rolling bearing that has two tapered sides. The outside diameter of the bearing is larger at the outermost side and smaller at the innermost side. This design helps to improve bearing performance by distributing the load more evenly over the surface area of the bearing.

Double taper bearings are used in applications where high load capacity and low friction are important. They can be found in applications such as industrial machinery, automobiles, and aircraft.

Applications of Double Taper Bearings

Double Taper Roller Bearings are often used in applications where high loads and heavy loads are applied over a long period of time. They can also be used in applications where smooth movement is essential, such as in power transmissions and pumps.

There are many types of double taper roller bearing, each with its own specific application. Some of the most common types include:

1. Standard Double Taper Roller Bearing – This type is most commonly used in applications that require a moderate amount of load and movement. It is a two-piece bearing and has two tapers on its inner race. This allows it to handle high loads while maintaining smooth movement.

2. Intermediary Double Taper Roller Bearing – This type is similar to the standard double taper bearing, but it has an additional taper on the outer race. This allows it to handle heavier loads and provide even more smooth movement than the standard bearing.

3. Extended Double Taper Roller Bearing – This type is similar to the intermediary double taper bearing, but it has an extended outer race. This allows it to handle even higher loads and provide even smoother movement than the intermediary bearing.


Roller bearings are one of the most important components in any mechanical system. They allow for smooth and reliable movement, which is why they play such a crucial role in things like cars and machines that move heavy objects. In this article, we will explore the different types of roller bearings and their applications. Hopefully this information will help you choose the right bearing for your needs and make your machinery run smoothly.


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