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Verizon is currently the number service provide for craigslist all over the world. What this means is that you may not be able to fully access the services on craigslist if you do not have access to a functional Verizon number. We offer high quality functioning Verizon numbers for premium result, our numbers are specially designed for geo targeting. The Verizon numbers we offer are manually processed within 24 hours for Lightning Service or 4-6 Business Days for Standard Service, (business days are Monday-Friday, it does not include weekends) and are guaranteed to work 100% for any PVA. When you subscribe to our Verizon number, you get the option of larger Volume & Bulk Wholesale Orders, at a great price with the best customer support, and service details. Contact us today to subscribe to our Verizon number services and watch your business grow drastically.

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Skype or email support

We have an expert support team on Skype and email available to answer any question or solve any problem you may have. Our support team runs 24/7

Web Live support

Our live support is always on standby to attend to any urgent request you may have. We are fate responsive and reply in real time.

Customer Support

Do NOT hesitate to contact us if you have any question, inquiry or request. Concerning our services. We are accessible by email, call or live chat.

Our Craigslist Verizon Numbers Included

Verizon Instant pin service

Rather than waiting endlessly for pins that will not work. Contact us today for instant pin service guaranteed to be a Verizon Wireless number ready to use as needed.

Verizon Forwarded Numbers

Get our high quality forwarded numbers guaranteed to produce premium results at the most affordable rates. Our numbers are 100% guaranteed to work.

Craigslist Phone Verified Account

In need of a phone verified craigslist account? Look no further. Contact us today and we will help create a verified craigslist account immediately.

Verizon PVAs

Do you need a Verizon phone verified account? We can help you get one in no time. Our accounts are 100% functional.

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